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265 FoxletFox This is another performance recorded using [Sony's HDVS]( (High-Definition Video System). It existed since around the mid-80s, and used [special tube cameras]( to record analog 1125-line video (usually onto [an HDVS VTR]( Additionally, [two PCM-3348 mixers were used to record digital audio]( for that specific performance and were added back onto the video recording. Some additional example footage includes [a performance by Tom Petty]( (from Bob Dylan's concert celebration in 1992) and [video of Tokyo in 1992]( --- Edit: Here is [a whole playlist of HDVS/Analog HD videos]( (pre-2000).
155 kitthekat It's nice that they're finally going back and recording all these moments in HD
78 WoveLeed [What about Queen 10 years earlier \(1981\)](
19 ThrindellOblinity RIP Jeff Porcaro - he died in August the following year, aged 38
15 somedude456 How about Nirvana from 1991 in HD:
31 zodar How did they know 1080p was going to be a standard? Edit : > From 1991 Sony provided equipment to film the festival in HD (high definition) format while keeping the rights to the footage. > In early 2000 Nobs enquired about Sony’s HD Montreux Jazz archive and was told the firm was about to erase them as they were too expensive to keep. He eventually paid SFr10,000 and brought them all back to his private bunker via the Swiss diplomatic courier service.
52 SecondFloorDarkLords Weird not seeing phones being held up everywhere.
13 Kidney05 Not only is it amazing quality footage but the band is playing great, the singers sound just as good as the record, and everyone in there is having a great time. Loving the vibes
10 Cosmonaut_Kittens This is [Led Zeppelin]( at Madison Square Garden in 1973 - this is from the Song Remains The Same which you can get on Blu-Ray. The quality is absolutely unbelievable - it blew my Dad's mind when I showed him.
6 imadyke It looks amazing but.... the light fixture streaks are a giveaway.
8 Str8OutaAuckz [Here is]( video of New York in 1993 shot on DVHS tape in 1080p. Simply amazing.
5 simward There should be a subreddit dedicated to HD video of events at the end of the 80s and in the 90s. It's so weird to see that era in HD.
4 T_DB What a performance.
3 Just4TodayIthink I fucking love this video..