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20 inquirewue The way some people use chainsaws frightens me. This is one of them. Your legs should be out of the path of the saw if it were to fall. Revving it up 2ft away from the cut while moving it and the long robes really aren't a good idea. Did you know that chainsaws are the single most dangerous consumer commodity?
66 Rotwick All I can think of is the wind blowing her dress into the spinning blade. Not safe at all.
11 Skovich Amount of shits given: Nun.
6 standaafghan That's really dangerous chainsaw attire, I bet she mows the lawn with her shoelaces untied, too.
5 sienalock No need for chainsaw chaps when you've got god.
12 tezoatlipoca Whenever I see nuns or clergy doing stuff like this in habit I always think "huh. weird." but they're just like normal folk. They have to pee and poop and get sick and grocery shop and pay parking tickets just like the rest of us. I wonder if she blessed the chainsaw before starting it tho.
3 Coosaw Good on her for trying to help, but she boggged it down on some really small branches. May need to sharpen the chain, or take a class on how to cut
3 AlexCail I couldn't watch, The cringe from the thought of the saw grabbing her garb and destroying her is to strong.
4 SpetS15 using a chainsaw with those clothes... god...
6 spin_ Nun with a Chainsaw is going to be my new metal band.
2 Derpybro Looks like the origin story to to a horror movie. While she's out there she get's hit by a car, so every September 13th (or whenever this was recorded) she comes back to haunt the highway and streets she was trying help by cutting down trees onto oncoming traffic, into houses, etc.
2 r0wt Now I'm wondering what a burka-wearing chainsaw operator would look like.
2 sethrichsbrother1 She obviously doesn't know what she doing evidenced by her technique and as camera cut's away, she get's saw stuck on small limb.
4 jb3Lee The power of Craftsman compels you!
3 razorbackgeek You also tell she doesn't know how to use the saw. She got it in a bind, which can be very dangerous.
1 Schnawsberry Get some sister! BTW that looks fucking dangerous and fuck
1 THcB She won't take nun of your shit.
1 Vagina_Woolf Chainsawing is the best part of hurricane clean up. Glad that nuns love it just as much as I do.
1 WiseWordsFromBrett A Weatherman, a Nurse, and a Nun walk into a bar...
1 Sleth Sister Bunyan
1 Lonestarr1337 Chainsaw Nun is my new hero.