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440 ben_db Never understood why tips are percentages, does the waiter work harder to bring over six steaks than bringing over six plates of fries?
198 LemonCandyPants Seriously though, fuck places that are like $100 a head and encourage tipping, eat a dick
218 FBIUAreOnTheListFBI Fuck tipping. Pay your workers you bunch of wankers.
58 philmarcracken spewin yeah nah we don't tip though
58 artilleryboy They've even started asking for tips in Australia when your paying the bill. I was paying for dinner the other night and the bastard asks me if I would like to leave a tip. Fuck off cunt, is not part of our culture and not required. Sure the US does it, but it's not blardy on.
22 OnionButter If anyone is curious about the real reason behind the name bald eagle from the throwaway opening gag:
34 Mrhipposause When the only variable to the amount you tip the server is on how expensive of a meal you ordered you are not tipping for the service.
168 Lacobus Fucking America, man. Your tipping culture is shit. It’s a fucking Greek tragedy. When do you tip? When do you not? How much do you tip? Is that enough? Am I being overly-generous in my ignorance? Is the service in this hotel getting worse as the week goes on? Did the fella who brought my $50 room service pizza expect MORE money from me? I just want my drinks/food/service without this MORAL-FUCKING-MINEFIELD every goddamn place I go!!!
49 RelaxAndAllonsy God damn tipping was a fucking pain in the states. Travelled with a group of 8 and for some stupid reason that means we get shafted with a 20% mandatory tip. Then you also have to add on the tax which can vary from state to state. All of a sudden your meal price went up 30% for no apparent reason. This also made payment super uneven if split bills were not available. Also the blokes in bathrooms who try and hand you shit like paper towels and soap, get fucked. I'm not tipping you to help me wash my hands while I'm out getting pissed at a bar.
11 SweatyK Living and working as a bartender in the Pacific for a bit (Hawaii, Guam) you find yourself in weird positions sometimes when delivering the tab (or check/bill/etc) to individuals from other non-tipping cultures. Most restaurants/bars in Hawaii have policy that prevent any employee from outright explaining what one *is expected to tip* unless the customer/guest asks you to explain the practice and even then it gets weird... Especially when explaining the practice to people from other, non-tipping, Western cultures. A man from Norway whom I had the pleasure of serving at a, now closed, bar called MadDog Saloon in Waikiki, gave one of the most succinct and concise summations of the practice I'll ever hear: > You are telling me that in the *'Land of the Free,'* it is somehow acceptable that an entire industry (food & bev) places the burden and expense of an employees wage onto the consumer? We Americans are experts at rhetorical meandering; -It's not a bribe, its a tip... -It's not corruption, it's lobbying... -It's not a way to get around OHSA/labor policy/benefits packages/unemployment assistance, it's the "Right to Work."
20 HollywoodDU Its that or we over tip due to guilt... "$10 bill, 20% tip, thats $2... that seems low, i'll do $3... but if i do $3, i may as well do $5..."
37 BagOnuts To everyone in here complaining about how things *should* be: that does not change how things *are*. Yeah, we get it. The tipping culture is stupid. Employers should be responsible for paying their employees. Yadda yadda yadda. None of that changes the fact that this is how it is, and you not tipping because you don't like the principle of it doesn't make you any less of a dick.
5 wilof I never understand how and why the servers thinks i need to tip him for pouring me a fucking pint.
3 CptRetro In the Seattle area I've started seeing checks come with a 5% service fee already added in, with a message to consider this as part of the tip and it is shared with the whole staff. In other words, if you want to tip 20% you calculate 15% of the subtotal because they already added 5%.
3 thatguywiththemousta Yeah, I'm not tipping people because American's laws are shit and people get paid fuck all.