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Macklemore's music video for his song Glorious with his 100 year old Grandma is so smile inducing.
727 FlyingCake Classic Steve. "I should stop eating this (takes another bite)".
85 DanWillHor No way I'm eating that. *eats it* I'm sorry, guys. *apologizes for being nervous about eating 119yo year old beef* Ok, I'm done. I'm not eating any more *except for this piece here and some stew I make with it* Gotta love Steve. Bonus FYI: Eating old, rotted war rations makes you yoked af.
167 Ancient_Whaler "What am i doing?" Classic steve
82 One_pop_each Watching this guy’s shit is so relaxing. I never go on youtube for vids so I’m glad he gets posted here. It’s interesting as hell.
1382 onlytook You would just get some disease that no doctor has ever seen. Fucking House M.D. would be called in as you go into convulsions and a coma and would be racking his vast intellect for any clue as to what you have. Lupus? No, it's never Lupus. Polio? Legionaries disease? A rare neurological disease only ever seen in mice and octopi? No, none of those things make sense. So he unethically sends his crew into your MRE and military artifacts house to snoop around. They find the rusted can and bags of meat and death powder. Was he making chemical weapons? Is he an Alt-Right turbo Nazi terrorist? He DOES have a stahlhelm, which the Nazis wore. So they administer the antidote to Ricin poisoning, assuming that is the poison that he was making for his terrorist plans, but suddenly he gets even worse! Goodness, they made the wrong call, House was wrong and his patient is about to die! House is distraught and as emotional music plays in the background he is throwing his ball against the wall, his leg obviously hurts, he can't concentrate. Wilson comes in and starts to make small talk "Man, that guy is kinda a loon right? Collecting all those war artifacts, guy must have been real obsessed". Suddenly House jumps to his feet, grabs his cane and limps out of the room. Wilson is flustered because House just leaves him without an explanation. House busts into the team room with the white board and calls his team massive idiots and berates Doctor Foreman for being black, Doctor Chase for being a poof, and Doctor Cameron for not jumping his dick. He then explains that Steve1989MREInfo is suffering from a rare and previously thought extinct form of food poisoning from eating 115 year old beef. They inject him with magical drugs and he wakes up and is fine. House insults Cuddy and the show fades out on House looking sad and popping Vicodin as everyone else is shown having healthy personal relationships outside of work.
237 101000010 He looks like a swole reviewbrah
94 x_____________ If you like this video, be sure to check out his "oldest cigarette ever smoked on camera" where he slips back into his old smoking addiction while loving a 1950's smoke a little too much
70 galenwolf Steve what the fuck man, don't eat it!
125 Raincoats_George He needs to be careful. I've watched him eat all kinds of this shit. He's one tin can away from a nice dose of botulism.
26 bajanga1 It’s always interesting when one of your old smoking buddies had an idea to eat mre’s on the internet and now he’s huge. It was funny last Christmas when my brother showed me Steve’s videos and I had never seen them and was like “no fucking way Steve is a massive sensation!” Can confirm Steve is a cool dude.
19 HenryVierre 1. How did he get his hands on this? 2. How much was it worth? Incredible to think that the cow that eventually became that beef died in the 19th century.
19 heisenbald Everyone couple of times a year I stumble upon one of this guys interesting videos, I then spend the rest of the day/night binge watching the rest of his material. Nice hiss.