Udemy and some of their "professors" are ripping off YouTube content creators(who create free tutorials) by uploading their YouTube videos to their website and charging people hundreds of dollars for it without the creators permission. One of the creators, who got ripped off, speaks out.
one of the most notorious endings in South Park
I do not have, nor do I want, context for this clip of King of the Hill.
Super Seducer - Dunkey
This horse is definitely not afraid of wolves
How firefighters dismantle a steel door
Bill Gates: Does saving more lives lead to overpopulation?
Probably the most eerily accurate parody of a Let's Play YouTuber I've ever seen
After the screening of Black Panther in a South African cinema on Friday night
One of the most moving speeches I've heard in my life
Mark McGrath LOSES it after getting called "Sugar Gay" by a teenager
LOTR fan sings Pippin's Song in a big acoustic room
Can't get more American than this?.
Robot puppy spies on African wild dogs
An F-14 Tomcat blows another F-14 behind it. Aircraft carrier wan't suited for the plane, triggering 2 bailouts and costly damage.
The great extent of Kylie Jenner's vocabulary
Jackie Chan surprised by his old stunt team
I miss Static Shock.
Traditional Greek pebblestone mosaic artist Stelios Grekos at work
This guy has almost 3000 beer reviews on his channel, and most only have a few hundred views. I think he is interesting.
(Cricket) Bowler insults batsman after getting him out, batsman pays him back in the next match 10 times over
Elderly woman reunites with her lost dog in the rubble of her neighborhood following a tornado in Oklahoma City, in the middle of a live interview
The Futility of Existence
Disappointed father walks into sons room who is dressed as a maid
2012 Aurora Shooter James Holmes booby-trapped apartment bomb defusal footage
Elon Musk Can't Believe His Eyes
Don't ask about my business ever again - with a twist
New Zealand lottery ad inspired by a true story
Super Seducer - videogamedunkey
NSFW [NSFW] I was for circumcision. My father, my son, and myself have had this procedure done out of religious and generational reasons. But I will not be letting it happen to my grandson.
Kendrick Lamar's Humble syncs up beautifully with an 80's Indian Dance video
Circus monkey cries seeing a friend after a year of separation
The amount of effort going into Simpsons Shitposting these days is astounding. This is a genuine banger.
When faced with adversity you have a choice and this is the correct one
What it Feels Like to Slide Downhill at 90 M.P.H.
Waking a sleeping rabbit with an air horn
Don't forget about me today
The childhood version of Saving Private Ryan’s Omaha Beach scene: Antz, Termite battle.
Take On Me (SpiderMan)
114 bttoddx This has become one of my favorite educational channels on Youtube. I'm surprised he's not more popular on Reddit.
40 ElagabalusRex The forest fire exploit seems too unbalanced to be intentional.
9 NatureIO /r/2007scape shoutout
6 calmwhiteguy Sorry I couldnt concentrate. The minute Busdriver kicked in I couldnt do anything but aggresivelly head bob
12 spunkster718 Welp just found my new favorite youtube channel
12 Captain_PooPoo Owls may be placed too low. He specifically said that he would place owls higher, but can't because bats echolocation render their silent strike useless. Don't bats only rely on echolocation when hunting small insects? I was under the impression they relied heavily on eyesight.
3 The_Magic That bird looks like its wearing pants.
4 Un-Stable Definitely my favorite youtube channel as of late. It's pretty awesome how much research this guy has to do to make these videos, keep up the good work if you ever read this! Glad to see your patreon is doing pretty well.
5 The_Alex_ (Spoilers) Never heard of the secretary bird. The name really does not do it justice at all. The fact that way more popular classes reside in its server is probably another reason why I've never heard of it.
3 VanHalenNotVanHagar Ay, that's Busdrivers' "Imaginary Places" at [3:44]( That shit was my jam in THUG.
3 superkickstart That hawk effortlessly flying through the woods looks amazing.
7 160minutesofdeath But can they open doors and lure a South African to his death
2 stonedolphin Way fucking cool
2 rabaltera Man, I wish I were a science teacher, they get all the cool shit. Someone make a cool math video!
4 Jeance This guy is the best!
2 ChesterComics I dunno. Vultures are above owls? I feel like this video neglects a lot of things like the fact that vultures typically scavenge and don't exhibit typical raptor behavior. You could place your finger on the pad of a vulture's foot and it wouldn't even clamp down. I wouldn't recommend that with any other raptor larger than a kestrel. Vultures vomit on their enemies as a defense tactic for christ sake. Plus, owls have some really interesting features. One ear is located higher on the skull so they can process auditory information about their prey, and therefore use a different type of echo location that bats can't use. Plus, their feathers are also structured different from other birds to minimize the sound they make when flying. Additionally, there are a lot of different kinds of owls and clumping them all together seems way to broad. But the channel addressed this anyway so ^I'm ^just ^nitpickey . Great series channel. But Owls > Vultures.
0 theonetruekiing literally just found his videos on youtube yesterday through the recommended tab. Love them