'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine.
Mark Zuckerberg summoned to UK parliament
White House acknowledges the U.S. is at war in seven countries
Nicolas Sarkozy has been taken into police custody over claims he received millions of euros in illegal election financing from the regime of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Detectives probing claims Mr Sarkozy's victorious 2007 election campaign received €50m cash payments from Libya.
Trump wildlife protection board stuffed with trophy hunters: new U.S. advisory board created to help rewrite federal rules for importing the heads and hides of African elephants, lions and rhinos is stacked with trophy hunters, including some members with direct ties to Trump’s family
World's last male northern white rhino dies
Warrant sought for Cambridge Analytica
Facebook has suspended the account of the whistleblower who exposed Cambridge Analytica
Both Facebook And Cambridge Analytica Threatened To Sue Journalists Over Stories On CA's Use Of Facebook Data
Japan is believed to be preparing to execute as many as 13 members of a doomsday cult in what could become the country’s biggest round of hangings in the past decade.
The Kremlin says U.S. President Donald Trump has called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on re-election.
Revealed: Trump’s election consultants filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers to entrap politicians
MPs summon Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to give evidence on 'catastrophic failures' over Cambridge Analytica data breach
School bomb hoaxes revealed to be part of Minecraft gamer feud - Smearing a rival's Minecraft server was the motive for 24,000 bomb hoax emails sent to schools in the UK.
Data scientist who worked with Cambridge Analytica offers to testify to Congress
Ringo Starr receives knighthood: 'I'll wear it at breakfast'
Zuckerberg's Fortune Falls $3.8 Billion Over Data Exploitation - Bloomberg
For the first time, over half of Japan's elderly now aged 75 or older: The graying of Japan has reached a new milestone, as a government estimate showed Tuesday that people aged 75 or older make up more than half of the country’s elderly population.
Scots 'Nazi dog' film maker found guilty of being grossly offensive online
Facebook security chief reportedly leaving company after clashes over Russian disinformation
Cambridge Analytica accused of stealing Facebook data: Warrant sought to inspect company after allegations it stole data from Facebook and used it to manipulate multiple political campaigns around the world
BBC presenters attempted suicide and suffered "irreparable damage" because of corporation's "horrific" handling of tax affairs...corporation has been accused by 21 workers, including prominent television and radio presenters, of forcing them to set up personal service companies or risk losing jobs.
German researchers have discovered unknown persons are using bitcoin’s blockchain to store and link to child abuse imagery, potentially putting the cryptocurrency in jeopardy...making possession of it potentially unlawful in many countries.
China's Xi Jinping warns Taiwan will face 'punishment of history' for separatism.
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody
Trump Organization real estate partner in India accused of 'large-scale fraud'
Trump prepared to hit China with $60B in annual tariffs
Quebec town bans smoking on sidewalks and streets: The bylaw, passed Monday night in the Montreal suburb of Hampstead, bans smoking in all public places, in what is believed to be a first in Canada.
Russian presidential vote tainted by reports of ballot-box stuffing
39 Indian hostages held by ISIL killed in Mosul: foreign minister
The Facebook exec who helped hunt down Russia’s political ads is leaving the company
YouTube comedian Count Dankula convicted over 'grossly offensive' Nazi salute dog video
Former French president Sarkozy questioned in custody over allegations of campaign financing by Libya’s Gaddafi
Model jumps from 6th floor of Dubai hotel 'to escape US businessman'
Britain labels Moscow’s nerve agent denials ‘increasingly absurd’
Pressure mounts on Zuckerberg to face data breach concerns - BBC News
Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia Is Turning to Nuclear Power
France may have broken international law by providing weapons and technical help to Saudi Arabia and the UAE which are fighting Huthi rebels in Yemen, a report commissioned by rights groups said Tuesday
MH17 crash: Ukraine pilot blamed by Russia 'kills himself'
Climate change will result in massive movement of people inside countries and across borders, creating “hotspots” where tens of millions pour into already crowded slums, according to World Bank. 140m people in three regions expected to migrate before 2050 unless environment is improved.
5320 Grenne Lol that shit is Aleve and Nexium.
2044 _AlreadyTaken_ >Horizon estimates that 98% of all insured Vimovo patients pay $10 or less out of pocket. "We just milk it out of insurers so you only pay huge premiums. Win-win!"
8550 th3gn "An Irish drugmaker has jacked up the price of a painkiller to nearly $3,000 a bottle. The drug is 22 times more expensive than when the company acquired it in late 2013. The sticker shock for Horizon Pharma's Vimovo drug is magnified by the fact that the painkiller's two main ingredients can be purchased separately -- for just $36. Although patients typically pay just a fraction of the price for Vimovo, the dramatic price increase underlines what critics describe as a murky and wasteful system that ultimately leads to higher health care costs for all Americans."
2811 nimo01 I take a medication that is for 24 hour relief and contains the most common pain medication but is a new-er extended release form and therefore no generic. Doc gave me a discount pamphlet with discount card when first prescription was given that made it $25 each time. It ran out a few months back, forgetting it had been a year. Pharmacist: okay that’ll be $1800... for 30 pills... *the alternative is less on the streets.* Called the doc, she read me an 8 digit code and a number to call and activate it. 5 mins on the phone and the pharmacist entering the new code: $25... Soo ridiculous, it’s like that price was created to never be paid I don’t get it.. Edit: really. It’s not going through my insurance plan.. As said before, when they didn’t have it at CVS the first time I went to Walgreens and I got it for $25. Never gave my insurance card, which is through Caremark- CVS only. I think because it’s new, they want doc feedback and the 1800 is a way to make sure the medicine is given with the savings card, which is tied to the doc’s name and they relay effectiveness for research and it’s a circle jerk to have patients pay $25 to be test subjects. *Check out the website for more details on the savings card!!..* but hopefully you’ll never actually need this. Ever.
272 Demojen This is literally Esomeprazole and Naproxen. Why would anyone agree to buy Vimovo for $3000 a bottle when they can buy the Naproxen and Esomeprazole for $36 at Walmart? Reality check: End consumers aren't. Pharma is dealing with insurers to force feed these drugs to consumers at these exorbitant rates because they can.
559 kittenTakeover I thought costs were supposed to go down as they paid of the research and learned to make it more efficiently, right?
150 fatuous_uvula >It's the latest in a series of about a dozen price hikes for Vimovo, which was listed at just $138 per 60-pill bottle in November 2013. That's when Horizon acquired the drug from AstraZeneca (AZN) and began raising prices. >The sticker shock for Horizon Pharma's Vimovo drug is magnified by the fact that the painkiller's two main ingredients can be purchased separately -- for just $36. >Confidential rebates and side deals between drug makers, PBMs and insurers make it almost impossible to determine who is really cashing in when drug prices go up. >"The system in the U.S. has created warped pricing. Everyone points fingers at each other and nothing gets fixed," said Samimy.
115 Labdisco I just saw this on Netflix about Valeant Pharmaceuticals! These guys obviously are just jealous and want to be on tv too.
317 GlenPickle It's not just painkillers, we just paid $2500 for a medicine that my wife could die without. Hooray for American healthcare
242 YesilFasulye I went in for an eye exam and was prescribed some medicine. I really don’t ever do prescriptions. I’d rather just let whatever is ailing me subside on its own. It was for eye drops with steroids, since my contacts were bugging me. It came to about $43 for a small 1 oz. bottle. I asked if they had the generic brand, and they said that it was. I hesitated for a bit and eventually agreed. The pharmacist at the counter said it would take 30-45 minutes to fill. I came back after perusing the store and asked for my prescription. It was a different woman and she rang it up with a total of a little less than $10. I asked if that was the right one and she verified it. I said it was about $40. She looks it over and sees that the woman I had spoken with “found a coupon.” I was so grateful. That woman later showed up at my work, which was about 7 miles away from where I saw her. She didn’t recognize me, but I definitely remember where I had seen her before. We were allowed, as employees, to pick one customer a day who gets their mail for free. Of course, I knew exactly who I’d pick that day.