China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ - a 328 feet-high tower that has helped reduce smog levels over an area of 3.86 square miles
Spain is expected to replace the United States as the second most popular country in terms of tourist numbers, according to the World Tourism Organization
Hijab attack on girl was a hoax - Canada
British Airways flight grounded as crew refuse to fly 'bed-bug ridden' craft
57% of British people want a second Brexit referendum if May fails to secure a deal with the EU.
Iceland has become the first major retailer to commit to eliminate plastic packaging for all own brand products within five years to help end the "scourge" of plastic pollution. The retailer said it would be replacing plastic with packaging including paper and pulp trays and paper bags.
A U.S. Army dog that attacked a machine-gun nest during World War II has been posthumously awarded Britain's highest honor for animal bravery.
Australia family find missing son alive in car wreckage after hiring search helicopter
Russian Billionaire Files Fraud Lawsuit Against Manafort, Cites Mueller Docs
Rats were not to blame for spread of plague during Black Death...rodents and their fleas were thought to have spread series of outbreaks in 14th-19th Century from universities of Oslo and Ferrara now says...can be "largely ascribed to human fleas and body lice".
North Korean orchestra to perform in South during Olympics amid easing tensions
Indonesia Stock Exchange floor collapses, many casualties reported
Denmark: Over 1,000 youths charged for sharing underage sex video.
Philippines Shuts Down News Site Critical of Rodrigo Duterte
Shale gas is one of the least sustainable ways to produce electricity, research finds
Sri Lanka destroys $108 million worth of cocaine in public, seized by authorities in the port of Colombo which is increasingly becoming a transit hub favored by drug smugglers in Asia.
U.S. advises travellers to North Korea to write will and make funeral arrangements.
Dozens dead in double suicide bombing in Baghdad
Antwerp explosion: Residential building collapses after ‘huge blast’, local media reports
Romania loses second PM in seven months
Australia calls for scientists to save 'the planet's greatest living wonder' - "This is an open invitation to our greatest scientific minds, industry and business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to protect corals and encourage the recovery of damaged reefs."
Margaret Atwood triggers online row with criticism of #Metoo movement
Islamic anti-vaxxers undermine efforts to prevent diphtheria outbreak in Indonesia
Germany Has Regained Its Crown As The World’s Most Powerful Passport
Circumcision Rates Are Slipping — Even In Israel
Norway introduced a total ban on fur farming Sunday, a statement by the Norwegian animal rights organization NOAH said. Norway has nearly 300 fur farms, which produce fur from 700,000 minks and 110,000 foxes every year.
Venezuela says five 'terrorists' arrested, others killed after shootout
China wants companies to consider Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau as markets and not countries
UK Benefit fraud 'witch-hunt': 280,000 public tip-offs led to no action taken due to lack of evidence - New figures obtained by The Independent have led to critics suggesting members of the public should not have a role in identifying and investigating fraud within the welfare state
Tesla’s massive battery in Australia was paid up to $1000/MWh to charge itself.
Japan: hunt for deadly fugu fish sold in error by supermarket
Geologists have discovered 280-million-year-old tree fossils in what is believed to be evidence of the oldest polar forest found in Antarctica: Trees are believed to have lived through extremes of complete darkness and continuous sunlight.
H&M closes all its stores in South Africa after protests
Trump fueling assault on democracy, report says: Released Tuesday by the watchdog group Freedom House, the new report concluded that the Trump administration has facilitated the erosion of American democratic standards and contributed to the decline of global freedom.
Over 1,800 Islamic Scholars in Pakistan declare suicide attacks ‘haram’
Prodded by China, Qantas amends website references to Taiwan, other regions
German Central Bank calls for global cryptocurrency regulation whilst adding Chinese Yuan to its currency reserves
Seoul announces free public transport to battle rising smog
Palestinian officials vote to suspend recognition of Israel, security cooperation
Brexit could cost Scottish economy £16bn a year
1723 gnoani He admitted he was "shocked" by statements he made into a fucking camera, a week into refusing to comment on ever having said it, and calling the implication fake news? The best people
1190 nioki23 No, he's not shocked he said that. The shock he had was when the Netherlands press corps wouldn't let him get away with his lies and then lying about lying.
501 ivandelapena This is what a free press does to politicians who lie.
294 HumanSieve Too little, too late. He lost a lot of goodwill that will be really hard for him to win back. The Dutch press will show these recordings every time he will be in the news, because that is how he entered our consciousness.
169 readparse This is the problem with Trump administration officials. It's not that they get things wrong. It's their attitude about these things. First, he didn't just say that the report was wrong. He called it "fake news." In a world where there is _so much_ actual fake news, it's appalling to call anything done by actual journalists fake news. Then, when it was absolutely clear that he had said the things he was accused of having said, he simply was not able to say "I made a mistake, and I regret it." Simple as that. People know that people make mistakes, and it is a sign of being a normal, healthy person to be able to say, "Yeah, I got that one wrong. Sorry." But this administration seems to have a ban on that sort of thing. And that's what's so insulting about people like Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders. And of course, Trump himself.
205 dutchkickboxer The headline is misleading. He said that he confused the netherlands with another country. What country? Isis? And the fact that he chose to release his explanation through “De Telegraaf” a populist , rightwing tabloid that has historically supported the nazi’s in wwii says enough.
39 M1ghtypen "Yes, I'm totally shocked that I said those things and was recorded. That was incorrect. Just shocking, I tell you. Totally not my fault."
31 Amanoo It took quite a fair bit of time and persistence, but finally, the truth has prevailed. The Dutch are nothing if not persistent when something catches their attention. The ambassador should just have relented right then and there. He could have saved face, at least. Now, he'll always be remembered as someone who just blurts out whatever lies comes into mind, and blames the other side when he's found out. In other words, a Trump crony. A shill. He will find no friends outside of the PVV and the FvD crowd.
31 Thedutchjelle As far as I know, in the interview he said he mixed up the Netherlands with some other countries aka the "but it was still true but somewhere else" defense.
11 Fennec-murder Fine, now lets refuse him. Yep, foreign country can refuse diplomats. Holland should refuse this one. Diplomacy is about real problems, not debatting fairy tales.