Putin critic who warned he was on Russian hit-list was murdered, police confirm
Britain is now threatening to seize Russian oligarchs' luxury real estate after ex-spy's poisoning
China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains: People who would be put on restricted lists included those found to have committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism and causing trouble on flights, as well as those who used expired tickets or smoked on trains.
Nato: Russia underestimates UK allies "The alliance's head says the UK is "not alone", as police say "131 people may have been exposed to the nerve agent"
For the first time, no calves spotted this season of the critically-endangered North Atlantic right whale
Britain First leader Paul Golding 'beaten up by inmates in prison' days after being jailed
Trump's 'joke' about Japanese car inspections dropping bowling balls leaves Tokyo perplexed - A remark made by U.S. President Trump, that Japan drops bowling balls on U.S. cars during inspection to shut them out of the market, later described as a joke by the White House, has left Tokyo perplexed.
Nova Scotia becomes first province or state in North America to ban cat declawing. The ban — part of a worldwide movement against the practice — took effect Thursday after a three-month education period. Veterinarian organizations in many other provinces are having active discussions on the issue.
Georgian President: West Awakening to Russian Security Threat in Historic ‘Now Moment’
Russia says it snuck nuclear attack submarines near US bases undetected
Japan cronyism scandal linked to Shinzo Abe and wife worsens with suicide note. Japanese official who took his own life said he was forced to alter records linked to sale of public land at 85% discount
Russian spy poisoning: chemist says non-state actor couldn't carry out attack
Suitcase spy poisoning plot: Nerve agent 'was planted in luggage of Sergei Skripal's daughter before she left Moscow', intelligence agencies now believe.
Britain's accusations against Russia over the poisoning of a spy in Salisbury are "against international law and common sense" and the UK can expect Moscow's retaliation to come "at any moment", Vladimir Putin's spokesman has said.
South Africa’s ex-president Zuma to be charged for corruption.
Report: Russian Hackers Had The Ability To Shut Down U.S. Power Plants
Jury finds Iraqi teen guilty of planting London subway bomb
UK's top diplomat Boris Johnson says it is "overwhelmingly likely" that Russia's Putin personally ordered nerve agent attack on former spy
65000 join anti-government protests in Slovakia as PM quits.
Police 'victim blame' Telford sex abuse victims as young as 11 with internal memo telling officers 'in most cases the sex is consensual'
Nasa has drawn up plans for huge nuclear spacecraft capable of shunting or blowing up asteroid if it was on course to wipe out life on published details of its Hammer deterrent, eight tonne spaceship which could deflect giant space rock.
Australian man convicted of sexually abusing 12 disadvantaged young boys and men in India fined $235, released the same day. The court case lasted for 17 years.
Canada, U.K., U.S. lawmakers push for decisive G7 action on Putin allies’ assets
Thousands of women, men, children raped in Syria's war: U.N. report
Taiwan wants U.S. Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth jets to defend against a possible Chinese invasion
NRA lawyer said to have had concerns about group’s ties to Russia
U.S. sanctions Russians for meddling, but not Putin's oligarchs
EU starts retaliation process against U.S. tariffs
Brussels publishes US tariffs retaliation lists totaling €6.4 billion
Man beheaded for naming town square after Indian PM Modi by a mob of 40-50 men with hockey sticks and swords in Bihar,India.
U.S. troops who repelled Russian mercenaries prepare for more attacks
Russia Could Have Switched Off U.S. Power, Officials Say
Russian spy poisoning: chemist says non-state actor couldn't carry out attack. Vil Mirzayanov, who worked with the chemical novichok under Soviets for 30 years, says even he would not know how to weaponize it.
North Korea nuclear reactors show new signs of activity
Aung San Suu Kyi faces prosecution for crimes against humanity
The U.S. government is refusing Japanese demands to pay compensation to the bereaved family of a Japanese woman in Okinawa Prefecture who was killed in 2016 by an American man working in a U.S. military base.
Brazilians protest after black human rights activist is murdered.
Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding Documents About Russia
Hundreds gather for Madrid protest after death of street vendor sparked riots
Platypus milk has protein with potential to fight superbugs
1727 gnoani He admitted he was "shocked" by statements he made into a fucking camera, a week into refusing to comment on ever having said it, and calling the implication fake news? The best people
1199 nioki23 No, he's not shocked he said that. The shock he had was when the Netherlands press corps wouldn't let him get away with his lies and then lying about lying.
498 ivandelapena This is what a free press does to politicians who lie.
298 HumanSieve Too little, too late. He lost a lot of goodwill that will be really hard for him to win back. The Dutch press will show these recordings every time he will be in the news, because that is how he entered our consciousness.
169 readparse This is the problem with Trump administration officials. It's not that they get things wrong. It's their attitude about these things. First, he didn't just say that the report was wrong. He called it "fake news." In a world where there is _so much_ actual fake news, it's appalling to call anything done by actual journalists fake news. Then, when it was absolutely clear that he had said the things he was accused of having said, he simply was not able to say "I made a mistake, and I regret it." Simple as that. People know that people make mistakes, and it is a sign of being a normal, healthy person to be able to say, "Yeah, I got that one wrong. Sorry." But this administration seems to have a ban on that sort of thing. And that's what's so insulting about people like Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders. And of course, Trump himself.
209 dutchkickboxer The headline is misleading. He said that he confused the netherlands with another country. What country? Isis? And the fact that he chose to release his explanation through “De Telegraaf” a populist , rightwing tabloid that has historically supported the nazi’s in wwii says enough.
44 M1ghtypen "Yes, I'm totally shocked that I said those things and was recorded. That was incorrect. Just shocking, I tell you. Totally not my fault."
28 Amanoo It took quite a fair bit of time and persistence, but finally, the truth has prevailed. The Dutch are nothing if not persistent when something catches their attention. The ambassador should just have relented right then and there. He could have saved face, at least. Now, he'll always be remembered as someone who just blurts out whatever lies comes into mind, and blames the other side when he's found out. In other words, a Trump crony. A shill. He will find no friends outside of the PVV and the FvD crowd.
31 Thedutchjelle As far as I know, in the interview he said he mixed up the Netherlands with some other countries aka the "but it was still true but somewhere else" defense.
10 Fennec-murder Fine, now lets refuse him. Yep, foreign country can refuse diplomats. Holland should refuse this one. Diplomacy is about real problems, not debatting fairy tales.