Donald Trump acknowledges Russia's 'anti-US campaign' in unprecedented statement: "'Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President,' Mr Trump writes"
Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets
Passenger plane carrying at least 60 people crashes in mountainous area of central Iran
Former Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty; agrees to testify against Manafort, sources say
Russia interference should be countered with 'the truth' and not 'more propaganda,' NATO chief says
The British embassy in Washington backtracked on promises to host a session of the parliamentary inquiry into fake news, because of worries it might offend Donald Trump, the Observer has learned.
17 year old female German ISIS member sentenced to 6 years in jail by Iraqi courts
Crew of ship on southern Philippines sea has repelled pirate attack using boiling water mixed with oil. Twenty-seven sailors aboard Philippines ship MV Kudos stopped 12 pirates trying to board ship in Basilan sea, by splashing armed men with concoction of hot water and oil.
Top German diplomat: 'We no longer recognize our America'
Facebook VP says Russian meddling aimed to divide America and it's working 'incredibly well'
'Slippery slope': Opposition mounts to Canadian media's plan to block piracy websites
Students at British universities could be charged variable tuition rates that reflect the economic value of their degrees
Iceland law to outlaw male circumcision sparks row over religious freedom
China Warns It May Retaliate If U.S. Imposes Metal Tariffs
94% of Canadians believe journalism is important to democracy & that policy should reflect protecting it.
MPs want six-year-old to have access to cannabis treatment for epilepsy - UK MPs have called on the Home Secretary to issue a medical cannabis licence to a six-year-old boy whose rare form of epilepsy improves after taking the drug.
Scientists at Norway’s University of Bergen tracked 6,000 people, who used the Cleaning Products over a period of two decades, found that lung function decline was equivalent over the period to those with a 20 cigarettes a day smoking habit.
Russian opposition leader hits out at Instagram for removing photos of Kremlin leader on yacht ‘with escorts’
Emissions increases approved by regulator may wipe out $260m of Direct Action cuts. Nearly 60 Australian industrial sites have been given the green light to increase greenhouse gas pollution, cancelling out cuts paid for by Coalition using public money.
Putin Personally Ordered Crimea Annexation, Ex-Duma Deputy Testifies
More than a million benefits sanctions imposed on UK disabled people since 2010 - Groundbreaking Demos study reveals ‘culture of disbelief’ about disability among jobcentre staff leads to money being docked
Japanese firm suspected of nuclear waste data falsification ‘A subsidiary of Kobe Steel Ltd. may have falsified test data on highly radioactive waste disposal’
All 66 onboard killed in Iran plane crash
Western aid workers had sex with desperate Iraqi women in exchange for food and medical aid after the Iraqi army defeated ISIS in Mosul
Saudi women to start own busines without male permission
South Korean songs allowed to be played in public at Pyongyang event - North Korea has allowed songs from the South to be played in public for the first time in years, state media said Saturday, as a thaw in usually frosty ties gains momentum thanks to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
The British Couple Who Cost Google £2.1 Billion Has Spoken Out
Holding up wreckage of Iranian drone, Netanyahu asks Iran's FM Zarif who's in the crowd: "Do you recognize it? It’s yours. Don’t test us"
The Russians Indicted Friday Can't Ever Travel To A Country Friendly With The US
Ex-CIA director: US meddles in foreign elections 'for a good cause'
Russia church shooting leaves 4 dead after gunman opens fire after service in Dagestan province.
‘Devastating’ Videos Show Jokhang Temple, ‘Heart Of Tibetan Buddhism,’ Consumed By Fire
Shadowy North Korean IT group believed hiding out in Russian Far East: sources - A group of North Korean information technology experts has moved its base from Hong Kong to Vladivostok in Russia and is likely engaged in collecting foreign currencies there, sources familiar with the matter said.
Estonia calls for EU to spend more for defense in border states
Pope Francis has reactivated the lapsed sex abuse advisory commission and announced new members have been appointed, amid criticism over his handling of cases. Vatican said survivors of abuse had been included in the group.
Malaysia wishes wrong New Year with a barking rooster - The government is facing ridicule after it took out a full-page advert to celebrate the Lunar New Year - featuring a barking rooster. The Year of the Rooster - based on the Chinese zodiac - has just ended, giving way to the Year of the Dog.
Too hot for turtle guys: Great Barrier Reef is dangerously warm for male green sea turtles - Because of warming climates, green sea turtles at the Great Barrier Reef are having female babies almost exclusively. This could lead to the end of the entire species.
Gaetano Donizetti opera lost for 200 years set for London premiere - The opera was thought to have been lost until musicologist Candida Mantica, a PhD student at Southampton University, painstakingly located and deciphered the score’s fragments over eight years.
Swastikas, slurs daubed on Polish embassy in Tel Aviv
Farming businesses 'could be wiped out after Brexit transition'. Select committee says government needs contingency plans to protect consumers and businesses from impact from tariffs.
135 trekie88 If the world wants better internet then change the laws to require minimum speeds be listed with internet packages. For example a package would be 35-50MB and the companies would be held accountable for not hitting the minimum
155 ridimar Hahaha! As an Australian, you have no idea what slow internet is!
52 qwteruw11 the other 71% just aren't aware of what their carrier promised and what they are receiving.
46 Shroomerr I pay for 100mbits and get 20, nearly all of my friends experience the same. German internet providers are scammers and nothing is happening to stop them.
16 Rhoam When I went on vacation I thought it was bad luck that everywhere I stayed had WiFi worse than smoke signals
10 DaHolk Which isn't specifically surprising, because a short while (somewhere around a year ago [actually almost 2 now, time flies]) a lot of customers who had contracts with resellers got basically shit on. What happened was that one of the sources for these back sellers went belly up, and so these resellers had to switch to the parent company of T-mobile (Telecom). Now Telecom has different protocol, and thus does not actually provide the same tiers than the original contractor. With the awesome result that houses that formerly had contracts for 50mbps (the maximum those old lines supported, which yielded a solid 40 only anyway) got dumped to 25mbps, because these resellers themselves can't get the 50 from Telecom, and the higher tier of 60 isn't supported by the lines. So these resellers basically said "not our fault", contract is contract, it says "up to" fuck you. And enough customer just took a rebate of 4€per month for 12 months, because they can't get anything faster than the 25mbps in their home anyway. Those would be the 29%. Haven't heard issues with cable instead of VDSL, or homes that have the proper lines (with VVDSL). Tl;dr: It's basically a triple rock and hard place between resellers, Tcom, customers, and landlords. Landlords don't want to upgrade, Tcom doesn't want to provide the speed on the lines, and resellers have contracts they can't fulfil, leaving the customers holding the bag.
21 bad_luck_dragon TIL Germany is serviced by Comcast..
6 el-cuko Anecdotal: I stayed at a couple hotels around the Regensburg area (Bavaria) and the lag was so horrible that we had to VPN through my German colleagues' mobile phones. Mind you, the LTE speed was quite decent, but their fiber is atrocious. At least it was about 3 years ago
6 zenchan This is seriously a disaster. In my current flat they were offering speeds of 1.6 mbps. Which would probably have meant 512 kbps in reality. Now I have internet over cable which gives me 50 mbps of the promised 150. And 50€ a month.
3 Nat1223 I pay for 50 and average about 30, when I brought it up (Kabel Deutschland) my ISP said it's because the lines are old.
3 Marz-_- No matter what analogy we use. We can agree internet speeds here in Oz suck balls.
4 Draydan I grew up in a village of about 4000 people where half of the households have access to 300mbps via cable and the other half has around 1mbps DSL from the german Telekom. Some even have like 360kbps. The cable company (unity media) isn‘t willing to provide internet to the other half of the village because those people are already customers of the telekom and therefore „it‘s not worth it“. And the Telekom won‘t upgrade their cables because it‘s to expensive. The bright side is that a small local internet provider (BnT) started to upgrade the cables so that the inhabitants get access to 50-100mbps.
4 deepstereo This is just revolting. I come from Moldova, the poorest country in Europe and we have glass fiber as standard and it's dirt cheap. Moreover, we have public wifi on major streets and parks (even power outlets for laptops next to benches!!!!). Also 4G+ works very well. Now when I moved to Germany, the speeds are shit, no public wifi anywhere, only DSL available (one company asked for 15k connection fee to have glass fiber, so I can have a connection of 100 Mbps for a promotional price of EUR 300!!!!). Now the telekom companies explain that Germany is big, that there are mountains and that there are higher costs. How can be shittier service 10x more expensive. Hwo do these companies manage to build a better infrastructure and sell it for a much lower price in my country. My conclusion that what is happening in Western Europe with telekom service is just pure robbery!
16 molenis Germans just do whatever said to them. Look at your neighbour Netherlands, almost universal 400 mbit internet for 50-60 euros.