Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work
North and South Korea agree to carry single flag at Winter Olympics and field joint women's ice hockey team
First 'ghost ship' of 2018 washes up in Japan with dead North Koreans
Kelly: We won’t build all of Trump’s wall, and Mexico won’t pay for it
Panama hotel votes to drop Trump, but his company won't go
Barred from election, the Kremlin's top critic Alexei Navalny vows to fight 'emperor' Putin.
Russian disinformation campaign has been ‘extremely successful’ in Europe, warns EU
Japanese city placed on high alert after supermarket sells fish more poisonous than cyanide - Officials in Gamag?ri, in central Japan, were left with no choice but to activate the city's emergency warning system after packets of the fugu fish were sold without having their livers removed.
New report from Germany's Federal Network Agency has revealed country has abysmally slow broadband speeds - for staggering 29% of users, internet speeds were less than half of what companies promised in contracts...almost no one, even those paying premium, reached "maximum" speeds promised.
The seafood industry in New Zealand has asked the government to withhold graphic video of dead sea life caught in trawler nets as they are potentially damaging to fisheries and to brand New Zealand. Industry leaders say plan to install cameras on commercial fishing vessels is a risk to ‘NZ Inc’.
North Korea to send about 230 cheerleaders to Olympics for its 2 competing athletes.
'It's slavery in the modern world': Foreign workers say they were hungry, abused at Toronto temple - Canada
Apple factory conditions lead to '90 per cent of workforce taken to hospital'
Russian human rights group has offices torched after leader's arrest | World news | The Guardian
Wave of looting shutters stores, spreads fear in Venezuela
Indefinite solitary confinement in Canadian prisons ruled unconstitutional by British Columbia court. Justice Peter Leask said the existing rules create a situation in which a warden becomes judge and jury in terms of ordering extended periods of solitary confinement.
Dads in Sweden took more paternity leave than ever in 2017: Sweden offers 480 days of parental leave per child which can be shared out between mothers and fathers as they see fit, but with each parent entitled to at least three use-it-or-lose-it months.
Family offers ‘sincere apologies’ for 11-year-old girl’s false hijab-cutting story
Bannon 'ordered to testify to grand jury': He was reportedly subpoenaed by Mueller, who is leading an inquiry into alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election campaign.
Residents of tower with Grenfell-style cladding told they must foot £2m bill
South Korean Petition Against Crypto Regulation Gets 200K Signatures, Government Must Respond
Probe as 36 Russian athletes withdraw ahead of doping tests
Trump: ‘Russia is not helping us at all with North Korea’
Investigators Are Scrutinizing Newly Uncovered Payments By The Russian Embassy
New Zealand Fisheries Want Grisly Images of Dead Penguins Caught in Nets Censored
Majority of disability benefit claimants being left with not enough to live on, campaigners warn: Employment and Support Allowance survey suggesting 60 percent of recipients struggling even before cuts branded 'damning indictment of Government' by Labour.
Apple says it will pay a $38 billion tax bill to move foreign money back to the US
An Israeli military judge has ordered the Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi to be held in custody during her trial, possibly for months, despite calls from rights groups for her release. Human rights groups have criticized the minor’s continued detention, while the EU has expressed concern
Norway aims for all short-haul flights to be 100% electric by 2040 - All of Norway’s short-haul airliners should be entirely electric by 2040, the country’s airport operator said on Wednesday, cementing the Nordic nation’s role as a pioneer in the field of electric transport
UK Man convicted of theft in 1976 cleared after Googling his arresting officer - Stephen Simmons was convicted of mailbag theft over 40 years ago but a chance discovery led to his acquittal
Haitians Flow Into Canada From The U.S. Amid Renewed Deportation Fears
The European Union on Wednesday accused Russia of pumping out thousands of pieces of disinformation in an "orchestrated strategy" aimed at destabilising the bloc
Britain appoints 'minister for loneliness' to tackle social isolation
Canada's use of lengthy solitary confinement in jails is unconstitutional – judge - Campaigners hope the judgment will end the controversial practice under which some inmates have been kept alone for four years
Iraqi soldier disarms 7-year-old boy after ISIS strap him with suicide belt
Strange Weather Triggered Bacteria That Killed 200,000 Endangered Antelope
Polish abortion rights proponents, most of them women, are marching in Warsaw and elsewhere in Poland to express their opposition to a proposal in parliament to further tighten the country’s already restrictive abortion law.
North Korea writer 'Bandi' is incommunicado, activist says. North Korea's first known dissident writer still living in the country has become unreachable since his book has been published in the United States and translated into 21 languages.
Israeli settlers puncture tires, spray racist graffiti on Palestinian vehicles
Indefinite solitary confinement in Canadian prisons ruled unconstitutional by B.C. court
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446 Barihawk Poor lighting conditions. You mean darkness, in which a white person in a lime green jacket would be more visible than a black person wearing white. Really shitty police work.
73 ISiupick Step 1: Commit crime Step 2: Run from the police Step 3: Drive into an area populated mostly by black people Step 4: Watch a whole block get nuked as you escape unnoticed This is pretty much how it looks with all those news stories. Why the fuck are cops so retarded sometimes?
230 gnovos > An internal investigation by the Metropolitan Police concluded that the arrest had been reasonable and no misconduct proceedings were necessary, “So tell me, officer, why did you arrest a black man when the suspect you were told to find was white?” “Cuz I arrestud thuh bad guy?” “Good enough, this investigation is complete!”
390 Mute_Moth These stories are getting really hard to stomach these days. Because when you really look into them, part of you hopes there's some small detail, some little tidbit they didn't mention, that makes the whole situation sound less bad. But no. It's just about always, "well we were after a bad guy and that guy was black and in the area, sooooo....?" And then internal investigation goes "yeah nah, it was fine, nothing went wrong here, totally reasonable. Here's some vague excuses why it was fine."
49 JeffersonTwighlight- When I lived in Camden I witnessed a white guy scoping out cars, so took some photos and rang the police, giving a description etc. My neighbor, a black dude also noticed and stood near by to put the dude off. Police showed up and grabbed my neighbor and the white dude slipped off. If I hadn’t had the photos it wouldn’t have gone well. So this story doesn’t surprise me at all.
521 holdfast666 I was honestly surprised when I read it was UK police and not US. Edit: should have been obvious it wasn't the US when I realized the suspect wasn't killed.
41 Bid325 When I was a sophomore in college I had my moped stolen from the the parking garage of my apartment building. Queue the beginning of my junior year and I see a homeless man pushing my scooter (I knew it was mine because I did some stupid paint job of red and black camo and the front fender was mismatched AND the brand was a knock off that was taken over by another company so there’s not many on the street), he had a grocery cart and like 10 bikes and bike parts in it pushing it down the road. I stopped him and demanded he give me my moped back and he said fuck off it’s not mine and hustled down the street. I considered leaving my car and getting physical but realistically he could be dangerous and I have no way of getting it in my tiny sedan anyway. So I call the cops and give them a description of this white guy incredibly specifically, I wait 30 minutes and they contact me saying they pulled over a black guy on a green scooter wearing black when I specifically described a white man with a brown shirt, brown ragged hat, a grocery cart, a red and black camo scooter, and several bikes attached to them. The culprit got away and I never saw my moped again. It made me incredibly angry at their racism and incompetence and sometimes I wonder if I should have just taken my moped back, I never took the key off of my keychain. On the one hand he needed it more than me, but my dad was kind of a deadbeat and that was the first time he tried to step up and support me in college and it got stolen within a week of having it. And the cops pulled over a black guy, absolutely ludicrous.
8 englad Nice to see the IPCC have investigated and overruled the polices investigation declaring the police at fault
42 Americatcp Sterling work chaps, nice to see racism is still tantamount on both sides of the Atlantic
9 nas360 "Their control room relayed a description of the suspect as a white man wearing a light green jacket, blue jeans, flat cap and a black rucksack, saying he was standing in front of an off-licence." The black rucksack in the description must have confused them.
25 thudly And here I got shit earlier today on reddit for arguing that there actually is racial bias in the police forces of the nation. Buddy tried to convince me that if blacks would just stop committing so much crime, they wouldn't have all these problems. I don't know what bothers me more. How stupid that thinking is, or how prevalent.