Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates pleads guilty to lying and conspiracy against the United States
FBI ‘investigating whether Russian money went to NRA’s campaign to help elect Donald Trump’
Ivanka Trump briefed South Korea President on North Korea sanctions despite reportedly lacking permanent security clearance
North Korea’s Winter Olympics cheerleaders are being 'forced into sexual slavery,' says a defector
Norway to Spend $13 Million to Upgrade Doomsday Seed Vault
Second Russian athlete fails doping test at Winter Games
Germany confirms $44.9 billion surplus and GDP growth in 2017
‘We are dying’: Venezuela’s oil workers have become so hungry they are too weak to do their jobs
Pedophile priest convicted by German court of 108 cases of child abuse
Manafort secretly paid foreign politicians to lobby for Ukraine, new Mueller indictment says
Bill and Melinda Gates will pay off $76 million of Nigeria's debt
'Groped by Holy Mosque guard during Hajj' in Mecca - A number of women have taken to social media to say they've been sexually assaulted during the Hajj pilgrimage.
Children in South Sudan have been forced to watch their mothers being raped and killed, UN says...40 officials may be individually responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity...civilians have been tortured and mutilated, and villages destroyed on industrial scale.
One French woman in eight has been raped, study says - About four million French women - 12% of the total - have been raped at least once in their lives, a survey suggests. Like many other countries, France has seen women take to social media to highlight abuse in recent months.
Britain and Europe must ban palm oil in biofuel to save forests, EU parliament told
Japan has approved a new drug that could kill the flu in 24 hours.
Companies to ditch NRA
A French court threw out a complaint by Apple demanding a ban on protests at its stores by the tax campaign group Attac. Attac had staged a sit-in at it's flagship Paris store on December 2, blocking access for several hours to protest "massive tax evasion" by Apple
Nearly 400kg of cocaine was found inside the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires
Satellite imagery shows Myanmar authorities have bulldozed at least 55 Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine in recent months, Human Rights Watch said Friday, condemning the government for erasing evidence at sites where troops are accused of atrocities
"We got our f**** a***s beat, Yankees made their point": Russian mercenaries in Syria lament U.S. strikes
Norwegian government's mining company had clandestine pipeline to launch tailings in Amazonian springs
The Trump administration has decided that it needs no new legal authority from Congress to indefinitely keep American military forces deployed in Syria and Iraq, even in territory that has been cleared of Islamic State fighters
'Brain-eating amoeba' behind mysterious death of eight-year-old Argentine boy, scientists confirmed, marking first fatality in Argentina triggered by parasite. Deadly organism resides in slow-moving bodies of water and typically feeds off pond germs, but, if it enters human body, it will eat brain.
Japan approves drug that kills flu virus in a day
Trump: If North Korea sanctions don't work, it may be 'very unfortunate' for the world
Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci on Friday followed a slew of US celebrities in announcing a donation of $500,000 to next month's student march on Washington demanding tougher gun controls
Tainted alcohol: Police in Mexico find more fake tequila
Japan Approves Tamiflu Rival That Kills Flu Virus In One Day
U.S. prepares high-seas crackdown on North Korea sanctions evaders - sources
This Jewish grandmother was sentenced to death in Iran. Holland won’t grant her asylum.
Russian man dies in police custody in St. Petersburg after complaining of beating by Russian police.
Dutch parliament recognizes 1915 Armenian massacre as genocide
Trump-Russia: Manafort 'paid European ex-politicians'
Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian man to death in 'cold-blooded execution'
Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed new charges against former Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.
Beijing to New York in two hours: China reveals ambitious plan of a hypersonic jet that would travel at speed of 6,000 kph
Jehovah's Witness exemption from conscription deemed prejudicial in "pivotal" Finnish court ruling
Measles cases in Europe quadruple as vaccination rates drop
Tech billionaire, ordered to reopen public beach, appeals to supreme court | Environment
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2 HobGoblin2 Things have really changed from what I remembered of the benefits system. 15 years ago I was earning about £20k *after* tax at my full time job. I knew a guy, used to be a friend at that point, who was blagging the system. He'd told his doctor he took LSD one night and was hearing voices coming out of the walls ever since. There was nothing wrong with him at all. He was lazy maybe, workshy definitely, part time drug taker and a bit childish for his age. But he wasn't entitled to those sickness benefits and the voices in the walls were all made up. What he was getting in benefits at that time really irked me. Now bear in mind this was 15 years ago and prices have shot up since then. What he was getting: £85 sickness benefit per week. £37 income support per week. £255 disability living allowance per month (he could have swapped this for a car allowance instead but kept the money instead). £85 per week housing benefit. £10 per week council tax benefit. Free medicinal prescriptions and dental care (something I had to pay for). Free access to leisure centres and municipal golf courses. So when you tot all that up, he was actually doing pretty well for himself, with a weekly take home roughly equivalent to what I was getting for working 40 hours a week. And he was lying in bed all day or playing on his playstation, getting drunk and stoned. It was probably this one guy who tainted my whole view on the sickness benefits culture in my country. There were others I knew who were also gaining the system but it was my friend who let me know about all his entitlements. Fast forward to today. I checked the governments website and have corroborated it with my Dad who works for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Sickness benefits claimants are now only entitled to £173 per week which includes housing benefit. That's practically half of what my friend was entitled to 15 years ago. And that is *not* adjusted for inflation, so it's worth even less. And that is absolutely shocking. I agree with some, that the fiddlers needed to be weeded out of the system, that the money should only go to genuine cases and not lost to the liars. But even for genuine claimants, people with severe disabilities whose lives are hard enough anyway, these figures are abysmal and not enough to live on. A single, fit young man would struggle to do anything but exist on that kind of money. Then you factor in all the waiting times over decision processes where these claimants can be waiting months to get any money. It's foul. I got torn up when I watched the film - I, Daniel Blake but it didn't hit me until today exactly how bad it is for these unfortunate people.
1 sdrawkcabdaertseb That's because half of the PIP assessments are based on lies. The FIL can barely move, has all sorts of issues, sores on his legs, COPD, and more - he literally has to have a bucket by his bed because he can't make it to the loo in time, he gasps for breath from the simplest of exertions. They said he wasn't eligible. What he said and what was recorded are two different things. The blokes bed ridden. I know someone else with mental issues, leaves the house maybe once every 6 months to a year and only then with someone else *if* they're taken directly to a place they know by car. He was told he was fine, no issues, no assistance. Apparently the benefits bill is too high (even though it actually isn't that high, and nothing at all compared to pensions) but it's not as if they can find a billion under the sofa is it? Well... unless it keeps the government in power in which case... here it is...