French police 'hero' dies of wounds
Facebook admits it wasn’t the ‘wisest move’ threatening to sue journalists before data breach scandal was exposed
Cambridge Analytica search warrant granted
Facebook tried to shape Australia's election. Facebook approached Australia's major political parties with a new and powerful tool. Liberal strategists rejected it over legal fears.
Trump's Pick of 'War Criminal' John Bolton Just Super-Charged Threat of Attack on Iran: "In a just world, Bolton would be on trial at the Hague for war crimes. Instead, he has been promoted into a position to do to Iran what he did to Iraq."
Doctors Have Restored The Sight of Two People in a Monumental World First
Asia could run out of fish by 2048 and Africa may lose half of its mammal species by 2100, U.N. says
The United States asked China on Friday not to implement a ban on imports of scrap materials, after the world’s top scrap buyer abruptly shut the door to many types of waste, throwing the global recycling industry into turmoil
Cambridge Analytica bragged: We have vast data for Brexit vote
Paraguayan rape victim, 14, dies giving birth:Doctors say baby is stable but relying on breathing machine; tragic case renews focus on Paraguay’s strict abortion laws
'Hostages taken' at French supermarket
Tumblr confirms 84 accounts linked to Kremlin trolls
Trump's National Security Council recommends expelling Russian diplomats
Facebook fell 13 percent this week to below $160, the stock's worst week since July 2012
At least 10 EU nations to expel Russian diplomats in spy row
EU says Trump "wants to negotiate with the European Union by putting a gun to our head. That’s a strange way to negotiate with an ally."
Cambridge Analytica Parent Company, SCL, still holds contract with US State Department
French police officer shot after swapping himself for hostage, officials say
BBC News: Over 100 whales die in mass stranding in Australia
Leaked: Cambridge Analytica's blueprint for Trump victory
American tourist damaged Pompeii mosaic by shifting tiles 'to get a good photo'
Thousands in Poland protest stricter abortion laws as hard right PiS government moves to choke options further
Poisoned Russian spy wrote to Putin asking to be pardoned, friend claims
Loud explosion heard in Egypt's Alexandria; casualties unknown
Boris Johnson warns Putin's annexation of Crimea like Sudetenland to Hitler
Massive cyberhack by Iran allegedly stole research from 320 universities, governments, and companies | Science
Keep off our land, indigenous women tell Ecuador's president: Women’s movement demand an end to unrestricted oil drilling and mining on indigenous lands and action on violence against land defenders in first meeting with president Lenin Moreno.
Russian agent may have limited mental capacity after nerve attack
Chinese space station will fall to Earth within two weeks
UK data watchdog raids Cambridge Analytica office in London
Russia says it 'doesn't understand' EU decision to withdraw ambassador from Moscow in solidarity with UK
Customers learn to sign coffee orders to help deaf baristas' first shot at a job
BBC News: Catalonia crisis: Five separatist leaders detained
China bans video spoofs and parodies
Latvia to expel 'one or several' Russian diplomats over spy attack: Latvia's foreign ministry on Friday said the Baltic state would expel "one or several" Russian diplomats over the nerve agent attack on an ex-spy in the English city of Salisbury.
'Large number' of EU countries plan more Russia action The French President promises "coordinated measures" to come into force on Monday as Moscow hits back at the EU.
‘Lone DNC Hacker’ Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer
Trump fundraiser offered to help lift sanctions on Russian firms.
US family found dead in Mexican resort
Curiosity rover: 2,000 days on Mars
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45 ----Ant---- Maybe because that's how much you need to be earning to buy your first house
1 withprecision TIL that "dibs" is appropriate language to use in a statement from a government official.
1 HouseDownTheStreet ...ah, so to be given money I need money. Flawless logic! I believe this demonstrates the pinnacle of advanced human thought. Gold stars and back rubs are necessary for these geniuses!
-3 jimbouse £100,000 is considered wealthy?! Edit: I from the US. 100k is solid middle class. Wealthy IMO is 250k+ 2 people working white collar jobs in the US gets to 100k.