Charges dropped against most Turkish officers who beat protesters in US
The Latest: Trump says he’d like to testify in Russia probe
Israeli Teenager Detained For Urinating On Memorial at Auschwitz
World's largest collection of ocean garbage is now twice the size of Texas
UK's post-Brexit blue passports to be made in France
Kenya Just Banned A Humiliating And Painful Exam For Men Suspected Of Being Gay: Forced anal exams are still carried out in several countries despite being considered a degrading form of torture and having no medical merit.
UK government finally agrees to allow six-year-old Alfie Dingley to use medical cannabis after 370000 name petition delivered to Downing Street
McDonald's Becomes the First Restaurant Company to Set Approved Science Based Target to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - “by 2030. This is the equivalent of taking 32 million passenger cars off the road for an entire year or planting 3.8 billion trees and growing them for 10 years.”
Trump to announce $50B in new tariffs against China
44 African nations sign pact establishing free trade area
Trump just slammed China with tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods in a move that 'could escalate into a global trade war
Firefox maker Mozilla to stop Facebook advertising because of data scandal
President Trump on Wednesday condemned Russia’s alleged poisoning of a former double agent in the U.K. during a call with French President Emmanuel Macron, after he failed to raise the subject in a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Cambridge Analytica: search of London HQ delayed by wait for warrant | Guardian
Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”
Mueller Grants Immunity to Organizer of Seychelles Back Channel Meeting, Calls Him Back
'Cambridge Analytica HQ evacuated' amid reports of a suspicious package
Turkish singer faces 10 months of jail time for insulting President Erdogan
European Union and six other countries exempted from U.S. metals tariffs.
Elon Musk has set aside $15 million for an XPRIZE contest for entrepreneurs who can find the most effective way to use software to teach illiterate children living in extreme poverty.
Frontmen for shell companies could face jail in UK property crackdown - Frontmen of foreign shell companies that are used to hide the true ownership of some of London’s most expensive properties could face up to two years in jail and unlimited fines under new government plans.
EU will not be affected by Trump’s new steel and aluminium tariffs until further notice, according to Swedish media company Omni.
China sells Pakistan a powerful tracker for its missiles in unprecedented deal
Report: CEO of Trump Campaign Data Firm Told Staff to Use Hacked Emails to Influence Nigerian Election
Russian election rigging pictures show state workers casting multiple Putin votes
Report: Saudi crown prince says Kushner was "in his pocket"
Former CIA director thinks Trump is afraid of Putin and that Russia might have leverage over president
Number of UK children in poverty surges by 100,000 in a year, figures show - Government statistics show 4.1 million children now living in relative poverty compared with 4 million the previous year, accounting for more than 30 per cent of children
Israeli hackers reportedly gave Cambridge Analytica data from private emails of two world leaders
Pope Francis tells aspiring priests to 'not be scared of tattoos' and to use them to encourage dialogue - 'With young people one should never be scared. Never. Because always, even behind the things that are not so good, there is something that will bring us to some truth'
EU proposes $6.2-billion tax on Facebook, Google and other tech giants
Trump orders $60 billion in tariffs on China for stealing U.S. technology.
Trump announces tariffs on up to $50bn worth of Chinese exports
Trump Administration Appointee Worked At Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix used n-word in emails (report).
Denmark’s foreign minister 'sees no reason' to congratulate Putin on election win
Indian ‘cow protectors’ jailed for life over murder of Muslim man - Eleven men were part of mob that attacked Alimuddin Ansari, who was transporting beef
Ukraine arrests pilot hero Nadya Savchenko over 'coup plot'
Foreign Wives of Islamic State Fighters Sentenced to Death in Iraq -- “Hanged by the neck until dead”
UK Police taking days to respond to 999 calls as budget cuts bite - Watchdog says fact that funding has fallen by a fifth since 2010 has put forces under stress
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1162 FreeThinkingMan For those interested in how their civilization ended. > After hearing of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire and having the native population much diminished by an epidemic of smallpox, the cazonci Tangaxuan II pledged his allegiance as a vassal of the King of Spain without a fight in 1525. It is believed that the Spanish conquistador Cristóbal de Olid, upon arriving in the Tarascan State, now in present-day Michoacán, explored some parts of Guanajuato in the early 1520s. A legend relates of a 16- or 17-year-old Purépecha, Princess Erendira, who led her people into a fierce war against the Spanish. Using stolen Spanish horses, her people learned to ride into battle. In 1529 to 1530, the Spanish forces entered Michoacán and some parts of Guanajuato with an army of 500 Spanish soldiers and more than 10,000 Indian warriors. > Then, in 1530, the president of the Real Audiencia, Nuño de Guzmán, a conquistador notorious for his ruthlessness and brutality towards the Indians, plundered the region and executed Tangaxuan II, destroying the Purépecha State and provoking a chaotic situation and widespread violence. In 1533, the Crown sent an experienced Oidor (Judge of the Audiencia) and later bishop, Don Vasco de Quiroga, who managed to establish a lasting colonial rule. The lands of the Purépecha was subjected to serious deforestation during the Spanish Colonial period. [2]épecha
1580 JuneBuggington as many buildings as Manhattan and 100,000 people....renters market
249 SalokinSekwah That's insanely huge and really builds upon our ultimately lack of knowledge of meso american civilizations. Hopefully it can be properly protected to prevent degradation that's happening at Angkor Wat
297 lastoftheromans123 I’d love to see this tech used in the United States to find mound-builder ruins. I bet the results in the Saint Louis area could shed a lot of light on the extent of Cahokia.
34 TheNamesMcCreee > Archeologists initially found Angamuco in 2007 and tried to explore the area the traditional way on the ground, but realised it would take at least 10 years to map out the area. So we could have possibly finished the map last year?
22 Tweeeked LiDAR data is actually super interesting and it has a ton of potential. I had a job in undergrad classifying objects captured by LiDAR for power companies. Incredibly boring role, but interesting to see how LiDAR works. Glad to see it being used for interesting discoveries.
48 isisishtar Amazing! I bet it was a great vacation spot. I'd like to see this lidar technology applied to the Amazon jungle, to find out what sort of ancient buildings might be hidden there.
34 cre8ngjoy There’s a National Geographic special on the lidar a system where they used it in Guatemala to map out previously unknown Mayan ruins. It was fascinating.