Philippines' Duterte mocks condom use amid skyrocketing HIV rates because "they don't feel good"
Man who says he was a Russian 'troll' arrested by Russian police after going public
Irish secondary schoolers no longer "have to" study religion
Trump Forest - a global reforestation project aiming to offset Trump's anti-climate policies - has reached 1 million trees after thousands of pledges from around the world.
Mueller Unveils New Charges in Russia Probe
North Korean officials canceled planned meeting with Pence: Pence's office
China cracks down on funeral strippers hired to entertain mourners, attract larger crowds
Donald Trump falsely says he never denied Russian meddling
Russian bots on Twitter are sowing discord using the gun control debate
Police accuse Netanyahu associate of trying to bribe judge
Russian man arrested after speaking about work at 'troll farm'
Measles cases more than tripled in Europe last year, with outbreaks and epidemics fueled by low vaccination rates
As some 250,000 Puerto Ricans are without power 5 mos after Hurricane Maria—the longest blackout in US history—the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is cutting its operating reserve to save money, as govt plans privatizing it. "This puts the economic development of the country in private hands."
An Iranian-Canadian web programmer and an environmentalist “committed suicide”, after getting unlawfully detained by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for “spreading corruption on earth”.
President Donald Trump remained focused on the Russia matter on Monday, questioning in a tweet why his predecessor didn't act to prevent Moscow from interfering in US elections. "Obama was President up to, and beyond, the 2016 Election. So why didn't he do something about Russian meddling?"
U.S.-Trained Police Are Hunting Down and Arresting Protesters Amid Post-Election Crisis in Honduras
‘Polocaust museum’: Polish minister calls for commemoration of non-Jewish victims of WWII
Chronic heavy drinking leads to serious risk of dementia, study warns. More than a third – 38% of the 57,000 cases of early-onset dementia – were directly alcohol-related and 18% had an additional diagnosis of alcohol use disorders.
Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitckii has tested positive for doping. He says somebody might have spiked his drink back in Japan.
Tasmania to reach 120% renewable electricity in five years, Labor pledge
A homophobic video urging Russians to re-elect President Vladimir Putin has gone viral less than a month before the country's election. The video tells voters that if Putin's rivals win they will take Russia into a "nightmare" future in which they are forced to co-habitate with gay men.
'It's not a war. It's a massacre': scores killed in Syrian enclave
KFC Closes More Than Half Of Its U.K. Restaurants After Chicken Shortage
Israeli law enforcement’s Benjamin Netanyahu inquiry has expanded with new bribery allegations
Russia admits ‘several dozen’ of its citizens killed in Syria fighting
Boxing Gloves dating back from the Roman Period found in Britain.
More bombs hit Syria's Ghouta, death toll highest since 2013
US fighter jet dumps fuel tanks near fishermen in Japan lake
WHO warns of soaring rates of measles in Europe
Dutch activate 'hard Brexit' plan and blame 'a lack of clarity' from the UK
People carved messages of love on the side of a dead blue whale
Iran threatens to ‘level Tel Aviv,’ kill Netanyahu if Israel attacks
Cape Town 'day zero' moved to June 4th, national disaster declared. The city will run out of water on this day
The Assad regime just launched the bloodiest attack in Syria in the past 3 years
Lebanese journalist: 100 years after the Balfour Declaration, the Arabs have failed where Israel has excelled
South African President Ramaphosa: We're going ahead with land expropriation without compensation
Archeologists have hailed "astonishing" discovery of what are believed to be only surviving examples of Roman boxing gloves. Thought to date from AD120, have been well preserved thanks to oxygen-free environment underneath concrete floor...beneath stone fort of Vindolanda, south of Hadrian's Wall.
South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at Home
New Zealand's Blind, Bisexual Goose, Thomas dies aged 40
U.N. issues blank statement on Syria, says it has run out of words
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87 [deleted] [deleted]
313 archamedeznutz "Inevitable" is not really a word that they should be using. He might as well be saying "destroy us now while you have the chance."
242 BackedUpCum 1) North Korea threatens to hit US mainland/ Gaum / Japan / my grandma. 2) North Korea conducts ICBM/ underground Nuke test after a couple days. 3) UNSC calls for urgent meeting. WorldNews makes frontpage, everyone is calling 'this is it, war or nothing'. 4) 4 hour UNSC meeting for a 2 sentence condemnation and 'require more sanctions'. 5) SHINZO ABE / MOON HAS HAD IT ENOUGH, NEXT THREAT = WAR!!! 5) Mattis/ Tillerson is 'deeeeeply disturbed' ' WE HAVE MILITARY OPTION' " FIRE AND FURY IS NEXT" 6) Donald Trump tweets vague shit again. 7) China and Russia "urge restraint" "keep a level head" "war is not the answer" "we condemn" 8) A week later Russia/China sign on more sanctions. 9) China/Russia seen violating sanction agreement. 10) North Korea begins to threaten again!! 11) Repeat steps 2-10. "Geopolitics turned into a reality show by world leaders for the media to make more money off of mass hysteria" - anon
22 Chaotichazard So calling him rocket man was the straw that broke the camels back?
34 [deleted] Maybe I've watched too many movies, but couldn't the US + China just have Kim killed and make it look like an accident or frame someone? It's not beneath the CIA to do such things.
33 ThePhoenixOfDallas Has NOONE in this thread seen Team America? INEBIDABLE!
9 only_response_needed So, the plan is still, "wait until NK attacks us before doing a damn thing," then...
14 MR_CHNYD Well then I guess it is inevitable that the world is going to kick your fucking ass in, Kim Jung.
38 boxmonster123 I can't tell what Trump is trying to do. Is he trying to bait NK into attacking us first so that China won't defend them?
30 QuantumH2O Fuck off North Korea.
5 bovinejoni_mr Lmao this foreign minister must really hate North Korea
8 therestimeforklax Is it time to go full Tweek now?
15 rubberbandrocks This actually gives a perfect justification for the US to attack NK. He could just say that it was a matter of national security and that's it.
5 lordofhell78 Still don't know why this guy hasn't been taken out. I know it's very complicated but Jesus Christ. We seem to take out every other dictator that we're in bed with but why not this guy we never had ties with? I know Russia keep sending them ammo and fuel , and China threatened us if we do anything to them , but come on. Someone go and take him out and don't claim responsibility and brag about it like we do every other dictator death. I'm sure he has minions lining up to take the throne too.... but I really don't want to face a nuclear winter.