Trump’s name appears in Panama Papers for the first time
Mexico’s government has created a marine park the size of Illinois in the Pacific, the largest ocean reserve in North America for the conservation of giant rays, whales and turtles, including dozens of species endemic to the area.
Some 75 Nobel prizewinners have called on the Iranian government to release Ahmadreza Djalali, a researcher in disaster medicine who was sentenced to death last month. The letter is the latest and most powerful protest against the ruling by the scientific community so far.
Bombshell report reveals new details about Trump's Oval Office meeting with Russians after he fired Comey...sparked widespread concern within the US and Israeli intelligence communities earlier this year when he disclosed details of a highly classified Israeli operation to Russian officials.
Elon Musk wins bet, finishing massive Austalia battery installation in 100 days
Putin's party using physical violence to cling to power after losing an election in Moscow
terroist attack in egypt mosque,50 dead
Police alert at Oxford Circus Tube
UK broadband firms must ditch 'misleading' speed ads: Currently ISPs are allowed to use headline speeds that only 10% of customers will actually receive. In future, adverts must be based on what is available to at least 50% of customers at peak times.
North Korean defector a 'nice guy' who likes watching CSI – surgeon
Call to regulate video game loot boxes over gambling concerns
Forty human traffickers arrested, 500 people rescued in West Africa
German court: Ancient forest can be cleared for coal mine
Sugar industry withheld evidence of sucrose's health effects nearly 50 years ago
BuzzFeed News has uncovered a new network of suspected Twitter propaganda accounts – sharing messages about Brexit, Donald Trump, and Angela Merkel – that have close connections to the Russian-linked bot accounts identified by the social media platform in its evidence to the US Congress.
Jeff Bezos is worth over $100 billion after Amazon's Black Friday rally
Mysterious loud booms heard across the world in 64 locations and even NASA doesn’t know why.
"It's time for Canada to acknowledge its history for what it is: flawed, imperfect and unfinished." Canada's PM Justin Trudeau apologizes for "profound cultural loss" resulting from Canada's indigenous assimilation that "led to poverty, family violence, substance abuse and community breakdown."
Hundreds queue to donate blood for Sinai mosque bomb victims
Mother saves her daughter from Boko Haram by pretending to be mad for nine months
Tel Aviv City Hall lights up in solidarity with Egypt - Israel News
Zimbabwe leader to 're-engage' with world, vows sweeping changes including stopping corruption and compensating white farmers whose land was seized by the government
Privacy campaigner entitled to sue Facebook Ireland through Austrian court. Facebook collects private data in excess of what is allowed under EU law and allows US intelligence access to the material.
EU anti-propaganda unit gets €1m a year to counter Russian fake news
Michael Flynn has something on Donald Trump if he is cooperating with Mueller probe, say lawyers
Russian Lawmaker Wants to Label McDonald’s a ‘Foreign Agent’ -- Less than 72 hours after pushing through legislation that could see international news outlets branded “foreign agents,” Russian lawmakers are reportedly setting their sights on American fast food chains.
50,000 children in Yemen have died of starvation and disease so far this year, monitoring group says
Pakistani police launch operation to end blasphemy 'siege' -- Religious hardliners are demanding the resignation of the country's law minister over a blasphemy row.
Indian Politician Offers $1.5 Million To Behead Bollywood Star
Amazon tribe saves plant lore with ‘healing forests’ and encyclopedia: In a bid to safeguard knowledge the Matsés in Peru have been planting “medicinal agroforestry” plots and written a 1,044-page two-volume book.
North Korea Removes All Border Guards after Failing to Prevent Soldier's Defection
Mexico creates huge national park to protect marine life
UN: Mexico drug gangs killing kids who won’t work for them
Pakistan released a U.S.-wanted militant with $10 million bounty who allegedly founded a banned group linked to the 2008 Mumbai, India attack that killed 168 people
An indigenous rights activist found dead in an Argentinian river 78 days after he went missing died by drowning, a judge said. Santiago Maldonado disappeared on August 1 following a paramilitary police operation to disperse a protest march by the Mapuche indigenous group in Chubut province
Train derails near Hells Gate, British Columbia. Fuel spill into Fraser River has been confirmed by officials
Eight men claiming to be from North Korea have washed up on coast of Japan
Uber's Cover-Up of Its Massive Data Breach May Lead to E.U. Investigations
Swiss cannabis farm aiming to supply 'legal weed' across Europe
Prosecutors seek life sentence for former U.S. base worker over murder of Okinawa woman
9 Victor_Zsasz Thank god. I fucking loved war games back in the day.
13 fjonk This is mostly because the minister for defense is getting a hardon because he can play with the big boys. Sweden "joined StratCom"(I don't know how you properly say this) last year and since then it's been all about Dangerous Russia(tm). Sweden even gets educated in how propaganda works by StratCom, if that isn't retarded I don't know what is.
1 Louiethefly The Russians will have some ideas. They've had a huge success in bringing the US to its knees.
1 autotldr This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot) ***** > GOTHENBURG, Sweden - Neutral Sweden has launched its biggest war games in two decades with support from NATO countries, drilling 19,000 troops after years of spending cuts that have left the country fearful of Russia's growing military strength. > On the eve of Russia's biggest maneuvers since 2013, which NATO says will be greater than the 13,000 troops Moscow says are involved, Sweden will simulate an attack from the east on the Baltic island of Gotland, near the Swedish mainland. > Sweden has not fought a war since it clashed with Norway in 1814. ***** [**Extended Summary**]( | [FAQ]( "Version 1.65, ~209584 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback]( "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Sweden**^#1 **NATO**^#2 **exercise**^#3 **country**^#4 **Russia**^#5
-1 goatloner If it came to that, NATO would crush Russia in a heartbeat, with or without Sweden. They don't need to worry, but it's good they're admitting Russia is a threat that should be taken seriously. Russia needs to cut this shit out before it's too late.
-9 iBoMbY This fear mongering is so lame. How many maneuvers has the NATO made this year on Russian borders already? I remember [NATO military drills in Eastern Europe begin in Bulgaria]( > Major NATO exercises in Eastern Europe have begun in Bulgaria on Tuesday involving 25,000 military personnel from more than 20 allied and partner countries as the U.S. seeks to reassure NATO's European allies. And [NATO Holds Military Maneuvers In Poland, Near Lithuanian Border]( And [U.S. tanks, equipment arrives for NATO exercises in eastern Europe]( > Hundreds of U.S. tanks, trucks and other military equipment arrived by ship in Germany on Friday to be transported by rail and road to eastern Europe as part of a NATO buildup that has drawn Russia’s ire Edit: Not to forget [NATO Black Sea Exercise Sea Shield 2017](
-8 gubbstrut Please, people are more worried about these so called "no go" zones in like Malmö then they are afraid of Russia.
-2 goatloner Reminder that any threads dealing with Russia on here are going to be full of fake accounts/bots voting and commenting: