US bombers fly close to North Korea to show "president has many military options to defeat any threat" - Pentagon
3.4 Magnitude Earthquake Probably Caused by Explosion Hits North Korea
6.2 magnitude quake felt in Mexico City, seismic alarm sounds
Catalonia Refuses to Give Police Over to Spain
S. Korea's ruling party asks N. Korea, U.S. to halt war of words
USGS says cannot confirm if N.Korea quake natural or manmade
North Korea minister calls Trump “a mentally deranged person full of megalomania” who is holding “the nuclear button.”
Ontario, Quebec and California sign carbon market deal, becoming second largest carbon market in the world
UN peacekeepers in Congo hold record for rape, sex abuse
North Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' after Trump dubs Kim 'rocket man'
Belgian ex-MP convicted for Holocaust denial ordered to visit Nazi camps, write about his experience
Record-breaking Uber petition to reverse ban in London hits 500,000 signatures as backlash grows
Vanuatu prepares to evacuate 5000 as Ambae volcano erupts
Russia: Trump and Kim are like 'children in a kindergarten'
'Inevitable' that North Korean missiles will hit US mainland after Donald Trump's insults, says Pyongyang foreign minister at UN
Ontario to cover HIV prevention pill under public health plan
Hundreds of Canadians bought fake degrees from Axact, CBC investigation reveals
Russian Human rights official says 18 cases opened over missing gays in Chechnya.
UK - Six believed hurt after substance 'sprayed' in London shopping centre
Thousands of villagers on the Indonesian island of Bali flee to temporary shelters, fearing a volcano on the island will erupt for the first time in more than half a century. Its last eruption in 1963 killed 1,100 people.
'We're gonna do it because we really have no choice': Trump fires back at North Korea's 'dotard' statement
In first, Saudi Arabian women allowed into sports stadium
Dubai announces winning contract for world's largest concentrated solar power plant project (700 MW)
Tillerson praises Soviet officer who averted nuclear war: “Just this week, the world learned of the passing of a little known, but important figure in the history of the Cold War. His name was Stanislav Petrov and he is sometimes referred to as the man who saved the world".
Miss Turkey stripped of crown over coup tweet; The winner of Miss Turkey 2017 has been stripped of her crown after one of her past tweets came to light
Syrian-American Journalist and Her Mother Murdered in Turkey
Senior Saudi cleric banned from preaching after insulting women
Lego to lay off 1,400 people, 8% of its global workforce, after first sales slump in decade
A French paratrooper has died in combat while fighting extremists in the Mideast as part of the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State group, in what appears to be the first official French casualty in the operation.
Drivers wearing face veil in Germany will now be fined as controversial ban comes into force
Six hurt after being sprayed with 'noxious substance' at Westfield in Stratford
Iran releases video of new ballistic missile being test-fired
Puerto Rico evacuates 70,000 after dam fails in Hurricane Maria's wake
Thousands of huge, aggressive dogs are roaming Tibet after their rich Chinese owners abandoned them
Erdogan says young Turks who study in West return as 'spies' - but his own children studied in US
Justin Trudeau backs UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine, but stops short of offering to join in
Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight
New Zealand Election 2017: Against all odds, the Nats fought back
A monument for the Russian creator of the AK-47 assault rifle unveiled in Moscow to be changed because a weapon depicted on the statue is actually a German-designed firearm.
There cannot be two kinds of medicine: EU scientists shred homeopathy, alt med - “There is only medicine that has been adequately tested and medicine that has not...”
95 le_petit_dejeuner They'd better not sink Japan into the sea or we'll impose even more sanctions.
29 coffeepagan After those comments by North Korea's Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, I can't wait to hear what North Korea's Asia-Pacific War Committee has to say.
34 -kljasd- Hope South Korea won't mind being an island.
9 C-hound Who beats a rabid dog to death? Aside from the ethical issue, it just seems like a waste of energy.
21 protossOPlql isn't it time we stop giving this fat fuck a platform? yea we get it, death to America, go Best Korea. now shut up and eat your McDonald's flown in from China we know you love so much.
6 Cajete Lol
5 Kazz1990 Why do most NK quotes sound like a pissed off kid on Xbox live?
3 spooker69 Would China still stay neutral if the US attackerd North Korea because they attacked Japan, one of our allies?
6 [deleted] [deleted]
6 brainchasm As usual, the only correct response for when North Korea says **anything**:
4 autotldr This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Seoul - A North Korean organisation demanded Thursday that the United States be "Beaten to death" like a "Rabid dog" for spearheading fresh UN sanctions on Pyongyang over its latest nuclear test, adding ally Japan should be "Sunken into the sea". > A spokesman for the North's Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee denounced the "Heinous sanctions resolution" and said there were mounting calls for strong retaliation against the US and its allies. > North Korea says it needs nuclear weapons to protect itself from "Hostile" US forces. ***** [**Extended Summary**]( | [FAQ]( "Version 1.65, ~209583 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback]( "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **North**^#1 **sanctions**^#2 **Korea**^#3 **Japan**^#4 **missile**^#5
2 Pizzacrusher sounds constructive...
2 Booner999 "Ashes and Darkness" - Are they planning on fucking with Yellowstone? I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that a nuke wasn't enough to trigger those events. I hope this is true. "Beaten to death" like a "Rabid Dog". Yeah, ok. Fucking around with a rabid dog is potentially suicidal. Just throwing that thought out there. Sinking Japan into the Sea? Earthquakes have been trying to do this for years and Japan still exists. I am pretty sure N.K. doesn't have megatons of power more than a 9.1 earthquake. :P
2 Vikosus Canada's cool, though? Right, K-hizzle?
3 Frnzlnkbrn Their people are starving and instead of securing aid the government wastes its breath making threats. I guess it's easier to beat your enemies in dreams and fantasies than to defeat the poverty staring you in the face day in and day out.
2 only_response_needed Am I the only one who is just plain tired of reading this bullshit? Either put up or shut the fuck up already. For fuck sakes, fuck your whole country. NK: The little bitch in high school that talks shit in class but never comes out.
1 moeloubani These guys love being in the news that's for sure
1 Yellow_submarinist Their threats are either made up of bad imagination or could have some hidden secret codes. Who talks like that?
1 WilshireLongwinded I am curious if anything will actually come out of this escalation in saber rattling aside from more posturing and sanctions.
1 EsteraMC lol. a dog who barks does not bite
1 EschersEnigma I feel like it's entirely disingenuous to not recognize that this is a North Korean *group*, not the government itself. Yeah yeah the government could and likely does control the group, but for the sake of non-sensationalism, this is like claiming "United States group demands homosexuals to be burned at the stake" when it's some fringe group like WBC and not the government itself.
1 Black_Static That is some really good copypasta, almost like something a 12 year old would come up with!