The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales
Chile to be the first American country to ban plastic bags in coastal cities
China central bank has told other banks to stop business with N. Korea
WhatsApp reportedly refused to build a backdoor for the UK government
Puerto Rico faces '4 to 6 months' without power; floods ravage island
North Korea may detonate hydrogen bomb in the Pacific
Plastic-degrading fungus found in Pakistan trash dump
Possibly Elon Musk's Biggest Idea Yet: 'Global Learning XPRIZE. The goal is to develop methods to teach 250 million children who do not have access to primary or secondary education the means to teach themselves to read, write, and do math within 15 months.'
Thousands rally in Philippines to warn of Duterte 'dictatorship'
First wild bison seen in Germany in 250 years. Local official has it killed.
Dozens of perfectly preserved ancient shipwrecks have been found at the bottom of the Black Sea. Researchers say their discovery is 'truly unrivaled'. Many of the ships have features that are only known from drawings or written description but never seen until now.
Mexico Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 248, Government Declares 3 Days Of National Mourning
1,000-Year-Old Tomb of Maya King Discovered in Guatemala
New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Trump announces new N Korea sanctions
France calls for UN action on Rohingya 'genocide'
ISIS caliphate near collapse as offensive retakes Raqqa.
Another potential Mueller honey pot - Spicer's notebooks: 'Sean Spicer filled "notebook after notebook" during meetings at the Republican National Committee, later at the Trump campaign, and then at the White House.'
Equifax has been sending concerned customers to a fake phishing site
Twitter Confirms It Is Cooperating with the Russia Probe: The social-media company is expected to tell Senate investigators how Russian bots may have influenced the 2016 election.
North Korea state news agency: Kim Jong Un calls Trump deranged, says he will pay dearly for his threats
Hawaii reportedly prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea rhetoric
Brexit: Majority of British people believe UK should stay in the EU, finds latest poll
Pope candidly admits Church 'arrived late' in confronting abuse
With Court Ruling, Fan Subtitles Officially Copyright Infringement In Sweden
Violence Breaks Out As Turkish President Erdogan Speaks In New York
North Korea tells the UN: ‘Sanctions will kill our kids’
North Korea foreign minister says may detonate nuclear bomb in Pacific, reports South Korean news agency
India slams Pakistan at UN, calls it 'Terroristan
To Avoid Future Collisions, U.S. Navy Ships Will Advertise Their Locations in High-Traffic Areas
Russia warns Trump that attacking North Korea "is not an option"
Turkey Shows Contempt for Peaceful Protest Even in the U.S.
North Korean official hints that nation will detonate their strongest weapon over the Pacific
Mueller's probe shifts to Trump's presidency
Japan calls North Korea's behavior 'absolutely unacceptable'
Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will end untraceable political ads
Australian schoolgirl raises alarm over flesh-eating disease - Health authorities there have have recorded 159 cases of the infection in the year to September. That is nearly three times the number of cases recorded three years ago.
Australians see energy storage as the future, poll finds
Declaring that Canada is "no land of wonders," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the United Nations on Thursday that his country was working to address failures in the treatment of its indigenous people
688 Liquid-Venom-Piglet I thought Taiwan already imported trains from Japan, along with China.
4816 [deleted] [removed]
191 RespublicaCuriae As an amateur rail fan, I think the main question is: would the bullet trains use the standard gauge (1,435 mm) or the Indian gauge (1,676 mm)?
119 supra16 fun fact. Over the Shinkansen's 50-plus year history, carrying over 10 billion passengers, there have been no passenger fatalities due to derailments or collisions
340 Blood_Lacrima Title is wrong, Shinkansen has been exported to China and Taiwan a decade ago.
594 RadicalPoopParticle Good. It seems India is making decent progress in modernizing. I wish them all the best. They still have a long way to go, especially in rural areas, but there's a lot of exciting news coming from India lately.
208 viv0102 >The Japanese government has also agreed to fund most of the $17 billion needed for the project that will become part of Asia’s oldest railway network. We're gonna build trains and make the Japanese pay for it! Jokes aside, I've been on many Indian trains and I've traveled all over Japan on the amazing Shinkansen trains. All I can say is, IF they do indeed make this happen, it is going to be one HELL of an upgrade. So much so that, I just can't see this working out well in the end. It is going to be a massive sudden shock to the way of life for most of the people. Also, even Japan after all this time has to charge so much for travelling on these trains and requires immaculate maintenance, time keeping, control that I feel only the Japanese are capable of achieving. Interesting times ahead.
16 addpulp And the US gets... Amtrak. Sometimes.
104 Archmage_Falagar I thought Japan was supposed to have shunned any kind of military complex, yet now they're producing bullets the size of trains, much less selling them to other countries?