North Korea Calls Trump Nuclear Button Tweet the 'Spasm of a Lunatic'
Over 1,800 Muslim clerics in Pakistan issue fatwa against suicide bombings and label them un-Islamic
Pakistan celebrities break taboo to reveal child sexual abuse
High IQ linked to higher risk of psychological disorders Depression, Anxiety, ADHD & Autism (ASD)
China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ - a 328 feet-high tower that has helped reduce smog levels over an area of 3.86 square miles
Thousands of UK nationals have bought fake degrees from a multi-million pound diploma mill in Pakistan. Buyers include NHS consultants, nurses and a large defence contractor. One buyer spent almost £500,000 on bogus documents. The Department for Education said it was taking "decisive action".
Chinese credit rating agency downgrades US’s rating over political ‘deficiencies’
Marijuana legalization causing violent crime to fall in US states, study finds
Canada's six biggest banks accused of rigging rate to boost profits
Russia is destroying 16th Century Crimean Tatar Khan’s Palace in occupied Crimea
Days after Hawaii alert gaffe, Japan issues false alarm about a missile launch
Bitcoin crashes as Chinese Central Bank calls for ban on cryptocurrency trading.
Thermometer in world’s coldest village breaks as temperatures plunge to -62C
Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovi? shot dead outside party headquarters
Iceland has become the first major retailer to commit to eliminate plastic packaging for all own brand products within five years to help end the "scourge" of plastic pollution. The retailer said it would be replacing plastic with packaging including paper and pulp trays and paper bags.
57% of British people want a second Brexit referendum if May fails to secure a deal with the EU.
Seoul announces free public transport to battle rising smog
China human rights lawyer loses licence after he wrote an open letter criticising the ruling Communist Party.
North Korea’s state-run media say U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than leader Kim Jong Un’s is the “spasm of a lunatic.”
Germany Has Regained Its Crown As The World’s Most Powerful Passport
Australia family find missing son alive in car wreckage after hiring search helicopter
Spain is expected to replace the United States as the second most popular country in terms of tourist numbers, according to the World Tourism Organization
Hijab attack on girl was a hoax - Canada
British Airways flight grounded as crew refuse to fly 'bed-bug ridden' craft
Pope Francis apologizes for 'irreparable damage' by pedophile priests: Pope Francis has expressed his "pain and shame" for the "damage" caused by priests who sexually abused children in Chile. He said the Catholic Church was committed to "ensuring that such things don't happen again."
Theresa May has been hit with a double Brexit blow as the EU toughened up its terms for a transition period and Norway privately warned the EU that giving in to the UK’s demands for a “special” trade deal could force it to rip up its own agreements
Philippines Shuts Down News Site Critical of Rodrigo Duterte
Rats were not to blame for spread of plague during Black Death...rodents and their fleas were thought to have spread series of outbreaks in 14th-19th Century from universities of Oslo and Ferrara now says...can be "largely ascribed to human fleas and body lice".
Bleeding eye fever deadlier than Plague, kills 4, infects dozens a new epidemic in the horizon
Israeli Security Forces Find Cell Phone Bomb in Joseph's Tomb
Without rain, S.Africa's Cape Town may run out of water by April
EU declares war on plastic waste
2 Walkers Froze to Death as Temperatures Plunged to -88.6°F in Parts of Russia
A U.S. Army dog that attacked a machine-gun nest during World War II has been posthumously awarded Britain's highest honor for animal bravery.
Singapore's crime rate is so low that many shops don't even lock up.
Nearly All Coastal Governors Denounce Plan to Expand Offshore Oil Drilling
89 vessels broke speed limit designed to protect North Atlantic right whales - Canada
Apple to pay £136 million in back taxes after UK audit
Shale gas is one of the least sustainable ways to produce electricity, research finds
Study: Trump's Presidency Has 'Accelerated' the Decline of Democracy Worldwide
95 generic12345689 So the world bank is garbage. Like most of these institutions politics have corrupted it. These rankings can be devised automatically and based on public open sourced algorithms. Time for old institutions to update themselves and remove the human element.
58 lordjimmy666 >The World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president of the World Bank is, traditionally, an American.[7] The World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each other. :thinking:
12 ionised > In an interview with The Wall Street Journal published on Friday, World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer apologized to Chile for changes to the report’s methodology that he said “conveyed the wrong impression” about the business environment under Bachelet. > Chile currently ranks 55th out of 190 countries on the list, down from 34th in 2014, the year Bachelet took office. Its ranking declined to 41st in 2015, 48th in 2016, and 57th in 2017, the World Bank’s reports show. > Romer told the newspaper the decline resulted from methodological changes, rather than a deterioration of Chile’s business environment, and may have been the result of the World Bank staff’s political motivations. He told the newspaper he would revise the reports. > In a statement on Saturday, the World Bank said it would “conduct an external review” of Chile’s indicators in light of Romer’s concerns. It said any changes to its methodology undergo “a rigorous consultative process” and that the indicators are based on “hard data” like tax rates and legislation passed. Let's see what's done about this in a few months.
7 Remove_Borscht World Bank being used as a petty political and ideological enforcer? I'm shocked, *shocked.*
5 Deez_N0ots Well at least this time it wasn’t a military coup which ended in people getting thrown out of helicopters, so I guess they are getting softer on socialists.
6 Waryz 2018 is becoming the year where all conspiracies became less strange than reality.
11 grrodon What a surprise
10 UnstuckClimatologist Capitalists spreading lies and propaganda to make leftists look bad? NO WAY
4 Evilutionist World Bank, an American organisation, led by an American, fucking with the left-wingers in South America...AGAIN!
7 Kondor0 Can you sue the World Bank? this probably cost Chile a lot of money in foreign investment.
8 kellysmith Banks doing what banks do. Libor manipulation, risk agency manipulation, exchange rate manipulation, stock market manipulation, heck now even Bitcoin manipulation by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan lately.
2 anserinus The World Bank has been jabbing against left-wing Latin American parties for a few days now in one way or another
2 Preech The IMF has been the root cause of alot of suffering in the developing world. They give loans to struggling nations under the premise that the borrowing country follows rules set before them. Some of these rules have resulted in famine that decimated local populations. [Quick read with a few examples of how IMF debt works](
2 Azurealy Today, people manipulated numbers for politics, in other news, scientists have confirmed that most grass is in fact green, and the sum of the numbers 2 and 1 is the number 3. Now back to Cosmo with the weather.
2 Tzavok Too late, the right wing president candidate was already elected in December 17, these news are not surprising at all.
3 Niklios Pretty much the strategy of western MSM since left wing parties appeared
1 -Bubba_Zanetti- Capitalism STRONK !