Right for all to access the internet is ‘non-negotiable’, says Indian Minister for Law & Information Technology at global cyberspace meet
A Romanian woman and her two kids have been found in an Italian basement, where they had been held and tortured for 10 years
UK officially falls out of world’s top five economies, Government admits
Manafort flight records show deeper Kremlin ties than previously known
Russia accused of 'cover-up' as authorities admit seeing dramatic spike in radiation - but refuse to investigate source
Trump exposed covert Israeli commando raid deep in Syria to Russia
'Explosion' detected near site of missing Argentinian submarine, navy confirms
UK's PM Theresa May Calls for Continued “War against Drugs”, Despite Her Own Research Indicating its Failure
Öræfajökull: Iceland's biggest volcano waking up after centuries raising fears of possible eruption: Scientists recently discovered the formation of a 1km-wide "ice cauldron" in the ice-cap of the volcano's caldera.
Galapagos finches caught in act of becoming new species
Justin Trudeau Is ‘Very Concerned’ With FCC’s Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality: “We need to continue to defend net neutrality”
India successfully fires world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile from Su-30 fighter jet
Unpaid Zara garment workers say they still haven't seen a cent
EU ban on bird imports sees 'massive' cuts in global trade - A new study says that an EU ban on the trade in wild birds has helped reduce the global business by 90%.
A lost 3,000-year-old castle has been discovered by divers and researchers in Turkey’s Lake Van. The spectacular ruins are thought to be those of a fortress built by the Uratu civilisation which flourished in the iron age between the 9th and 6th centuries BC.
15 ISIS militants beheaded by own comrades in East of Afghanistan
Workers at Amazon's main Italian hub, German warehouses strike on Black Friday
White nationalist Richard Spencer reportedly banned from 26 European nations.
Concerns Over Yemen as Saudi Arabia Agrees to Buy $7 Billion in Weapons From U.S. Firms
An Arrest in France Freaks Out the Kremlin Kleptocracy
Palestine cuts all ties with the United States following the closure of the PLO's office in Washington D.C.
US intelligence official told Israel Russia had 'leverage' over Trump, says report
American mercenaries are torturing' Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince - and billionaire Prince Alwaleed was hung upside down 'just to send a messag
Light pollution: Night being lost in many countries-A study of pictures of Earth by night has revealed that artificial light is growing brighter and more extensive every year. Scientists say a "loss of night" in many countries is having negative consequences for "flora, fauna, and human well-being".
Internet Defenders Urge Mass Revolt to Fight FCC's "Scorched-Earth" Attack on Net Neutrality: "FCC Pai is handing over the internet to a few humongous gatekeepers who see the rest of us as products to be delivered to advertisers, not as citizens needing communications that serve democracy's needs.'
Elon Musk's giant lithium ion battery completed by Tesla in South Australia's Mid North - “ahead of a December 1 operation deadline.”
No subsidies for green power projects before 2025, says UK Treasury: Government accused of ‘turning their back on renewables’ after saying there will be no more money for new low-carbon levies.
Australian paramedics fulfil dying woman's wish to go to the beach
Facebook to show users if they 'liked' alleged Russian propaganda: The social media giant Facebook is working on a tool to let users know if they 'liked' any of the accounts allegedly pushing Russian propaganda. The company believes some 146 million Americans were exposed to such posts
Mitsubishi latest Japanese firm to admit faking product data
Vladimir Putin tells Russian arms firms to be ready for war
Grace, Robert Mugabe reportedly ‘too depressed’ while cooped up at ‘Blue Roof’. The former president is said to be “so depressed he couldn’t lift his feet” as he watched his countrymen celebrate his exit from power
Honduras president seeks 2nd term despite constitutional ban
Thunderstorms observed triggering nuclear reactions in the sky
Russia says Google down-ranking Sputnik, RT would be censorship - Says Google is acting under strong political pressure from US authorities
Head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Any New War in Middle East Will Lead to Israel's 'Eradication'
13 years in a row, South Korea is No. 1 in suicide rate among OECD countries
Facebook to Show Users Which Russian Propaganda They Followed
Iranian warships will soon depart for the Gulf of Mexico
Rwanda Offers to Take 30,000 Refugees After Human Auctions in Libya Spark Anger - Rwanda "cannot remain silent when human beings are being mistreated & auctioned off like cattle," the govt says, adding that they "may not be able to welcome everyone but our door is wide open."
873 TheMightyCE The Israelis have been providing support and [purchasing Kurdish oil for years]( This has been a long time coming.
410 MolecularAnthony What does ISIS and little miss muffet have in common? They both have Kurds in their way
564 two-years-glop Tomorrow's headline: Turkey endorses independent Palestinian state
19 brainiac3397 Just a note here, the area they endorse is the KRG under the current leadership of Barzani. Turkey is also quite friendly with the Barzani-administration and has been supportive of the KRG because the KRG(under Barzani's KDP) is pretty much the only majority Kurdish power that *doesnt* agree with the leftist PYD/PKK/Ocalanist coalition of Kurds(collectively part of the KCK umbrella). Turkey doesn't support the referendum, but considering the relationship they've had with the KRG, it's possible the fear is more out of "if they gain independence, the PKK will be re-invigorated" rather than an outright opposition to the existence of the KRG as an independent entity. I mean, Turkey has ignored Iraq's government in order to support the KRG in some instances, so they're clearly not antagonistic against the KRG directly. It's just that their interests are more a concern than the KRGs since even if the KCK isn't a functional part of the KRG, any kind of successful Kurdish independence would be a symbolic and rallying victory for the KCK. Just Middle Eastern politics at play...
68 Golanthanatos all the problems in the middle east boil down to that last paragraph: >Kurds have sought an independent state since at least **the end of World War One, when colonial powers divided up the Middle East after the collapse of the multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire.**
25 EverydayGravitas Is this a way of making sure that no other Arab/Turkish/Iranian/Iraqi state endorses it? Because none of the actors capable of making it a reality want to be on the same page as Israel.
203 thesite94 If an independent Kurdish state was established I could see it being a large, stable partner in an otherwise tumultuous region. Much like how Israel is for the US/ NATO
6 adam_demamps_wingman Along with very, very long runways pointed directly at Iran.
21 focaltraveller This puts Iran, Turkey in a bind, and on the offensive which was the whole point of endorsing this. It was the next step for Israel and US after the wind down proxy war in Syria. The game continues.