Russian presidential vote tainted by reports of ballot-box stuffing
MH17 crash: Ukraine pilot blamed by Russia 'kills himself'
Trump Organization real estate partner in India accused of 'large-scale fraud'
Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as 'social media'
Pressure mounts on Zuckerberg to face data breach concerns - BBC News
Israeli town halts sale of new home plots as more than 50% of buyers are Arab citizens
A 'huge clue' may reveal that Mueller's endgame is to nail Trump for obstruction
Edward Snowden blasts integrity of Russia's presidential election, asks Russians to 'demand justice'
More than 5 billion people could suffer water shortages by 2050 due to climate change, increased demand and polluted supplies, UN report warns. Conflict and civilisational threats likely unless action is taken to reduce the stress on rivers, lakes, aquifers, wetlands and reservoirs.
Scottish Greens want to ‚get back in‘ to Europe after Brexit
Putin secures fourth term as Russian leader with at least 73.9% of vote, exit polls say - a bigger win than in 2012
Kim Jong-un has committed to denuclearisation, says South Korea
Boris Johnson warns Russia they are 'not fooling anybody' over the Sergei Skripal poisoning
France 'does not recognize' Russian vote in Crimea
Over 5 billion people could face water scarcity problems by 2050, UN says
Footage has emerged which claims to show the horrific conditions endured by 500,000 chickens that lay eggs for the UK’s largest egg producer and supermarkets. Big & Fresh brand of eggs are sold in most of UK’s leading supermarkets, including Tesco and Asda.
A British woman volunteer with the all-female Kurdish armed unit the YPJ has been killed in Syria. Anna Campbell, 26, travelled to Syria in May 2017 to help the Kurds, who were battling the Islamic State group.
Saudi Crown Prince, in His Own Words: Women Are ‘Absolutely’ Equal
Argentine official admits doomed submarine was spying on the British owned Falkland Islands when it vanished with 44 people on board - government says it was ordered to the Falkland Islands to identify 'ships and aircraft'
Saudi women should have choice whether to wear abaya robe: crown prince
Putin's giant Russian election victory sparks backlash, claims of 'charade'
A Chinese college has come under fire for deploying military-style monitors to crack down on couples who kiss and cuddle on campus.The student patrols wear camouflaged uniforms as they march around Binzhou Vocational College where they threaten couples with being named and shamed for their behaviour
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face mounting pressure over data scandal | News | The Guardian
Facebook executives waded into a firestorm of criticism after news reports revealed that a data firm with ties to the Trump campaign harvested private information from millions of Facebook users.
Britain accuses Russia of secretly stockpiling deadly nerve agent used in attack
Facebook employs psychologist whose firm sold data to Cambridge Analytica | News | The Guardian
DuPont vs. the World: Chemical Giant Covered Up Health Risks of Teflon Contamination Across Globe
15 New Exoplanets Discovered Near Solar System, One Could Have Liquid Water
Stem cell transplant 'game changer' for MS patients
Turkish police seize 1.4 kg of radioactive californium in Ankara
Vladimir Putin re-elected: Modi, Xi Jinping, Maduro congratulate Russian president amid silence from EU, US
Germany issues warning to US: US 'will fail if it tries to split Europe'
125,000 people sign petition demanding Canada ban trade in elephant ivory. Current ban in Canada affects only that from elephants killed since 1990. Diffculty in dating ivory, however, makes it easy for people to hide more recent ivory among legal products.
Whoever murdered the Putin critic who warned he was on a Russian hit list didn't break in, and didn't use poison
Saudi crown prince says 'only death' can stop him ruling - Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince has said "only death" can prevent him from ruling over the kingdom for several years to come.
Gilead, the company that produces tritherapy, enters phase 1 trial for HIV cure.
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has given his word on denuclearization
Venezuela town issues own currency amid cash shortages
Putin Wins Landslide Victory That OSCE Says Lacked 'Genuine Competition'
Russian ex-spy's poisoning in UK believed from nerve agent in car vents; at least 38 others sickened
56 fehaar Nobody should be homeless on that big fucking island
12 asspeanuts I don't get it, there is demand there why isn't there a building boom?
4 utdconsq Missing point in the article, I think. I live in a coastal city. People are living in tents near my office due to not being able to afford a rental property any longer. As far as anyone can tell, people are turning their rentals into AirBnB (or related services) to make fat stacks. Meanwhile, the people who would have lived in those houses are now stuck. Some long term rental remains, but it is much more expensive than it used to be, and the support the government offers would never cover it. Hooray capitalism. Meanwhile, tourism is going well, which is great, because tourists have places to stay...only...locals don't.
3 Jahnknob But they have great healthcare.
7 Bigga_D while Aussie government keeps on inviting "high-skilled" foreigners to come over. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST for fucks sake. THEN invite others.
8 fatduebz Rich people are pushing them into homelessness. Let’s blame who is responsible.
2 apex8888 Same thing is affecting mostly everyone else in the world living near cities.
2 Kontrole7890 I actually agree with what this article is trying to push but the way it is written makes me want to disagree with it for no reason. Comments like "for reasons outside her control" have no use in decent reporting.
3 Pr00fmaster How can this happen when the [wage value]( is constantly going up in Australia?
1 zonagram Sounds like the USA