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American tourist damaged Pompeii mosaic by shifting tiles 'to get a good photo'
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199 AprilMaria The crying shame here is it could be processed relatively cheaply and be useful. Put it trough an anaerobic digester for biogas (Sweden is already meeting 50% of their gas needs this way) the resulting sludge is broken down and devoid of methane and contains a lot more nitrogen than standard slurry, dehydrate it and pellet it into a premium organic fertilizer and its a fraction of its former volume and can easily be used at home or exported to meet the growing demand for organic fertilizer.
28 truh > He says the recent growth in dairy has been sustained by cheap imports of grain, soy and maize, with excess production ending up as low-value milk powder exports. How is that even economically viable? Heavy subsidization? If that's the case then they could perhaps cut subsidies for exported milk.
22 kradist It's part of a much bigger problem in the EU. Subsidies for big industrial farms and how the waste and overproduction is then shipped to emerging markets, mainly Africa and destroys the economy there, all forced by the IMF, the "good" guys. Everybody involved knows it. Same with clothing "donations".
9 ThatBritInChina The Chinese market imports about 60% of all Dutch milk (baby forumula) and the number is growing. The Dutch government tires to limit how much milk can leave the country but it’s just too profitable. A can of Dutch baby milk is worth 3x it’s price on China (after import)
7 Reflections-Observer We can grow huuuge amazing mushrooms on that substrate. Poo is exceptionally nutritious :)
7 dnamar Lots of cattle around city water supplies makes for e-coli. It can be a pretty slow death if you get a bad infection.
4 kradist It's a big problem in Germany, too. Too much bacteria and anti-biotics, but it's also nitrate pollution to the max, hurting the environment and aquifiers.
6 apickleindeed Replace grazing fields with rice/beans and it would feed many more people. We need to stop buying so many burgers!
5 TostiBuilder can someone post a link to a dutch newspaper that covered this? I can't find any links when i google it, and thats odd.
5 OliverSparrow The Netherlands are, quite amazingly, the second largest agricultural exporter in the world, following the US. The US is 237 times larger: Holland is just 9% of the surface area of California. The nation has gone for intensive agriculture - flowers and horticulture, pigs, chickens and cattle - and there is not enough land to use up the manure so generated. Pig farmers have to pay land owners $0.33 a cubic metre to take their waste; whilst dairy has to pay $0.25 for the same volume. Arable farmers have phosphate allowances - the amount that they can add to their land - and these have become significant assets, much-traded. Coastal Holland has very sandy soil, which does not retain nutrients, so predisposed to nitrogen and phosphatic effluents. The result is that Holland has become the centre of a waste management technology that, for example, heats bacterially-digested manure to 70C, which destroys dangerous bacteria. The plants produce electricity (from the first stage of anaerobic digestion) and nutrient rich slurry, which is exported to Germany and other neighbouring countries, many of which are fertiliser-deficient. As the EU has mandated the composting of solid organic waste, these two streams are likely to converge, although what is to be done with tens of millions of tonnes of enriched compost isn't yet clear. Export markets exist, but freight is generally prohibitive. The Dutch state is being allowed/forced by the EU to pay farmers to reduce cattle numbers, with 10% being in the frame. The year 2015 is being set as a benchmark for milk production, with over-production attracting fines. Feed manufacturers will have to cut the amount of phosphate in their products. All of this is aimed to avoid EU action over nitrates, which are subject to a derogation. Losing that derogation would be catastrophic for this major export industry, and other solutions - as above - will need to come into play.
3 Robbielovesdoritos Why not flood the global market with the export? If offered at the lowest price, the problem would at least decrease in severity. Or, process the excess into fertilizer powder and stockpile underground.. then export when the market invites.
9 GuerillaBean Why not cut 100% and just stop farming animals 😏
10 angrytapir If we had less humans, we would need less cows.