Interstellar object confirmed to be from another solar system
Pope Francis denounces climate change deniers
Keystone Pipeline oil spill could be worse than we thought
Ivanka’s signature real estate deals were disasters linked to drug cartels and money laundering: The president’s daughter has been at the center of a pair of the presidential projects tied most closely to grand corruption.
Donald Trump 'mistook New Zealand PM for Justin Trudeau's wife'
Germany replaces US as country with best international image
Trump ending temporary permits for almost 60,000 Haitians who came to U.S. after 2010 earthquake
President Trump called elephant hunting a “horror show” Sunday and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the practice.
Trump says US will designate North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism
MPs vote 'that animals cannot feel pain or emotions' into the Brexit bill
Skull found in China could re-write 'out of Africa' theory of human evolution - The beginning of modern humans could be a far more complex, spread out thing than we ever thought before
An Ethereum Startup Just Vanished After People Invested $374K
Russia reports radioactivity 986 times the norm after nuclear accident claim | World news
PR regained less than 47 percent of its power capacity as work stoppage announced by Whitefish Energy
Mueller requested DOJ hand over documents related to Comey firing: '..and Attorney General Jeff Sessions's decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe earlier this year'
North Korean women suffer discrimination, rape, malnutrition: U.N.
After Six Years, We Finally Found The Melted Uranium At Fukushima
Greenhouse gases must be scrubbed from the air: Cutting emissions will not be enough to keep global warming in check
Trump is reportedly under the impression that special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in last year’s presidential election is almost over and that he will get off scot-free.
Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Messinia: Homosexuals are God’s Creation; The Church Doesn’t Reject People
Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration raided nine stores that assist customers with placing orders for low-cost prescription drugs from Canada and other countries, suggesting a shift away from a long-standing policy that benefited consumers but was strongly condemned by the pharmaceutical industry.
TransCanada continues it's cleanup of 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
2.5 million Yemenis now lack access to clean water: Red Cross
One in three backpackers and a quarter of foreign students working in Australia are being paid about half the minimum wage or less, a study has said. The study, billed as the most comprehensive of its kind, found that wage theft of temporary migrants is endemic in Australia.
North Korea bans drinking, singing, punishes officials for 'impure attitude,' report says
Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find: “Session replay scripts” can be used to log (and then playback) everything you typed or clicked on a website.
Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page held high-level meetings with Hungarian officials in Budapest
The CEO of one of Asia's largest banks says bitcoin is a 'Ponzi scheme'
UK Households are more than £800 worse off after Brexit, study says - The average household is paying £404 a year extra due to price inflation while the average worker has lost £448
South Korea, Japan say listing North Korea as terror sponsor will pressure Pyongyang to denuclearize
Zimbabwe in confusion as Robert Mugabe ignores latest deadline to leave | World news
After gender neutral conversion, Sturgeon students ask for more gender specific bathrooms
Facebook says Russia did try to meddle in Brexit vote
A pilot that vanished while flying across Africa may still be alive four years later
Victims 'told not to report' Jehovah's Witness child abuse
Sudan receives Su-35 fighter jets ahead of Bashir’s first Russia visit
Whitefish halting Puerto Rico power repairs, claiming it's owed $83 million
Africa: Israel to Deport 40,000 African Refugees Without Their Consent
Wounded N. Korean soldier breathes spontaneously on own: officials
524 Mcfinnipoop So like, why do we even have standard measurements for things...
107 phrozen_one I see we have stumbled across Randy Marsh's record breaker
86 aerospacemonkey It's a god damned shitberg, Rand. You gotta watch those like a shithawk.
25 npcknapsack TIL people flush diapers. Yuck.
45 Kubertus i have seen this doctor who episode, in the end the mothership comes and takes all the little fat guys home!
44 kitchen_clinton I was visiting my cousin in Québec when i saw him take a pot of boiling oil he had finished using and dumped it down the kitchen sink. I went ಠ_ಠ. He wasn't convinced.
55 hellenkellermoment Somebody tell OP's mom to get out of the London sewer.
16 JoePoints you jumped over some of my busses
37 johnnykitd It contained "congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms". In other news, Elton John is no longer constipated.
7 autotldr This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot) ***** > In 2015, for example, a 10-ton fatberg broke a section of the London sewer, requiring Thames Water to replace nearly 100 feet of piping, as The Washington Post's Sarah Kaplan reported. > At the time, Thames Water repair and maintenance supervisor Stephen Hunt told the Guardian, "We see blockages all the time on household sewer pipes, which are about big enough for a cricket ball to pass through, but to have this much damage on a sewer almost a meter in diameter is mind-boggling." > The problem is so insidious in London Thames Water "Even formed a 'fatberg hit squad' to tackle the problem," as Kaplan wrote. ***** [**Extended Summary**]( | [FAQ]( "Version 1.65, ~209169 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback]( "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **fatberg**^#1 **sewer**^#2 **Water**^#3 **Thames**^#4 **comes**^#5
5 ionised Blame the Chicken n' Chip shop scum! I've telling everyone for *years* that they are one of our *true* enemies. And stop flushing things that aren't piss, sick, or poo down your pots, people. For fuck's sake.
5 Valenderio Get word to Discovery Channel! Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs International just got its Pilot Episode "Fatberg Hit Squad"
5 Shikatanai Can we get it tested for bacteria and viruses? I wanna know how toxis that is.
6 gabest11 Flush two olympic swimming pools worth of vinegar.
14 mad-n-fla Dropped at one sitting?