Philippines 'concerned' as U.S. intelligence tags Duterte a threat to democracy
Germany deports more rejected Afghan asylum seekers. Despite protests, 14 Afghans deemed dangerous or with criminal status were flown back to Kabul from Bavaria, marking the tenth round of deportations in Germany since 2016.
Irish secondary schoolers no longer "have to" study religion
‘The Benjamin Netanyahu age is over’: Opposition preps for early election
Russian bots on Twitter are sowing discord using the gun control debate
China cracks down on funeral strippers hired to entertain mourners, attract larger crowds
Philippines' Duterte mocks condom use amid skyrocketing HIV rates because "they don't feel good"
Japan donates 10,000 ballot boxes worth $7.5 million for Cambodia’s 2018 election, the first international aid for the vote after E.U. and the U.S. withdrew their support following the dissolution of the main opposition party.
Putin nemesis Navalny, barred from election, tries political siege
Chronic heavy drinking leads to serious risk of dementia, study warns. More than a third – 38% of the 57,000 cases of early-onset dementia – were directly alcohol-related and 18% had an additional diagnosis of alcohol use disorders.
More than 90 Nigerian schoolgirls missing after Boko Haram attack: sources - Their disappearance, if confirmed, would be one of the largest since Boko Haram abducted more than 270 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok in 2014.
Man who says he was a Russian 'troll' arrested by Russian police after going public
Sweden lorry attacker who killed shoppers wanted to build caliphate
North Korean officials canceled planned meeting with Pence: Pence's office
An Iranian-Canadian web programmer and an environmentalist “committed suicide”, after getting unlawfully detained by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for “spreading corruption on earth”.
Measles cases more than tripled in Europe last year, with outbreaks and epidemics fueled by low vaccination rates
Trump Forest - a global reforestation project aiming to offset Trump's anti-climate policies - has reached 1 million trees after thousands of pledges from around the world.
Chinese warships enter East Indian Ocean amid Maldives crisis, indebted Pacific nations alarmed
Working single parents 'struggling to feed children' - A third of children with a working single parent live in poverty with some parents struggling to put food on the table, a charity has found.
Britain sold spying gear to Philippines despite Duterte's brutal drugs war
Vladimir Putin-Tied Company Given Veto Power Over Sputnik Radio Guests: A new contract filed with the Department of Justice suggests that, yes, there is Kremlin propaganda on the airwaves
Police accuse Netanyahu associate of trying to bribe judge
One of Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest confidants, Shlomo Filber, has turned state witness and agreed to incriminate the prime minister in corruption allegations in relation to favorable coverage of Netanyahu and his family via Bezeq news website "Walla!".
Mueller Unveils New Charges in Russia Probe
First extensive European find of ancient ‘Hand-Axes’ supports theory of multiple Human species coexisting and early Human migration from Africa
US fighter jet dumps fuel tanks near fishermen in Japan lake
Accusations about Berlusconi's ties to Sicilian mafia revived - Accusations about Silvio Berlusconi’s historic ties to a close associate of the Sicilian mafia are being revived by his main political rival as Italy heads into the final stretch of campaigning before the general election on 4 March.
Donald Trump falsely says he never denied Russian meddling
TPP remains largely unchanged in attempt to lure back U.S. - While Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. from the TPP initially put the deal on life support in January 2017, details released revealed that the remaining 11 countries have managed to agree on terms close to the agreement’s original form.
Netanyahu Legal Woes Worsen as Ex-Top Aide Agrees to Testify
New checkpoint will cut off Palestinians from park built on their land
U.S.-Trained Police Are Hunting Down and Arresting Protesters Amid Post-Election Crisis in Honduras
Israeli law enforcement’s Benjamin Netanyahu inquiry has expanded with new bribery allegations
Bahrain activist jailed for five years over Twitter comments
As some 250,000 Puerto Ricans are without power 5 mos after Hurricane Maria—the longest blackout in US history—the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is cutting its operating reserve to save money, as govt plans privatizing it. "This puts the economic development of the country in private hands."
Union says it will strike if GM plans full South Korea exit
UK unemployment rose by 46,000 to 1.47 million in the three months to December, official figures show
US show of force sends Russia a message in Black Sea
Ukraine 'desperately concerned' Russia could soon attack its gas pipeline, foreign policy expert says - The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is an $11 billion project directly connecting Germany with Russia. Critics argue that the pipeline will increase Europe's dependence on Russian gas.
South Africa to cut diplomatic ties with Israel
528 Mcfinnipoop So like, why do we even have standard measurements for things...
106 phrozen_one I see we have stumbled across Randy Marsh's record breaker
85 aerospacemonkey It's a god damned shitberg, Rand. You gotta watch those like a shithawk.
26 npcknapsack TIL people flush diapers. Yuck.
48 kitchen_clinton I was visiting my cousin in Québec when i saw him take a pot of boiling oil he had finished using and dumped it down the kitchen sink. I went ಠ_ಠ. He wasn't convinced.
44 Kubertus i have seen this doctor who episode, in the end the mothership comes and takes all the little fat guys home!
54 hellenkellermoment Somebody tell OP's mom to get out of the London sewer.
18 JoePoints you jumped over some of my busses
32 johnnykitd It contained "congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms". In other news, Elton John is no longer constipated.
6 autotldr This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot) ***** > In 2015, for example, a 10-ton fatberg broke a section of the London sewer, requiring Thames Water to replace nearly 100 feet of piping, as The Washington Post's Sarah Kaplan reported. > At the time, Thames Water repair and maintenance supervisor Stephen Hunt told the Guardian, "We see blockages all the time on household sewer pipes, which are about big enough for a cricket ball to pass through, but to have this much damage on a sewer almost a meter in diameter is mind-boggling." > The problem is so insidious in London Thames Water "Even formed a 'fatberg hit squad' to tackle the problem," as Kaplan wrote. ***** [**Extended Summary**]( | [FAQ]( "Version 1.65, ~209169 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback]( "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **fatberg**^#1 **sewer**^#2 **Water**^#3 **Thames**^#4 **comes**^#5
6 ionised Blame the Chicken n' Chip shop scum! I've telling everyone for *years* that they are one of our *true* enemies. And stop flushing things that aren't piss, sick, or poo down your pots, people. For fuck's sake.
3 Valenderio Get word to Discovery Channel! Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs International just got its Pilot Episode "Fatberg Hit Squad"
5 Shikatanai Can we get it tested for bacteria and viruses? I wanna know how toxis that is.
5 gabest11 Flush two olympic swimming pools worth of vinegar.
16 mad-n-fla Dropped at one sitting?