Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates pleads guilty to lying and conspiracy against the United States
FBI ‘investigating whether Russian money went to NRA’s campaign to help elect Donald Trump’
Ivanka Trump briefed South Korea President on North Korea sanctions despite reportedly lacking permanent security clearance
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Pedophile priest convicted by German court of 108 cases of child abuse
Manafort secretly paid foreign politicians to lobby for Ukraine, new Mueller indictment says
Bill and Melinda Gates will pay off $76 million of Nigeria's debt
'Groped by Holy Mosque guard during Hajj' in Mecca - A number of women have taken to social media to say they've been sexually assaulted during the Hajj pilgrimage.
Children in South Sudan have been forced to watch their mothers being raped and killed, UN says...40 officials may be individually responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity...civilians have been tortured and mutilated, and villages destroyed on industrial scale.
One French woman in eight has been raped, study says - About four million French women - 12% of the total - have been raped at least once in their lives, a survey suggests. Like many other countries, France has seen women take to social media to highlight abuse in recent months.
Britain and Europe must ban palm oil in biofuel to save forests, EU parliament told
Japan has approved a new drug that could kill the flu in 24 hours.
Companies to ditch NRA
A French court threw out a complaint by Apple demanding a ban on protests at its stores by the tax campaign group Attac. Attac had staged a sit-in at it's flagship Paris store on December 2, blocking access for several hours to protest "massive tax evasion" by Apple
Nearly 400kg of cocaine was found inside the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires
Satellite imagery shows Myanmar authorities have bulldozed at least 55 Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine in recent months, Human Rights Watch said Friday, condemning the government for erasing evidence at sites where troops are accused of atrocities
"We got our f**** a***s beat, Yankees made their point": Russian mercenaries in Syria lament U.S. strikes
Norwegian government's mining company had clandestine pipeline to launch tailings in Amazonian springs
The Trump administration has decided that it needs no new legal authority from Congress to indefinitely keep American military forces deployed in Syria and Iraq, even in territory that has been cleared of Islamic State fighters
'Brain-eating amoeba' behind mysterious death of eight-year-old Argentine boy, scientists confirmed, marking first fatality in Argentina triggered by parasite. Deadly organism resides in slow-moving bodies of water and typically feeds off pond germs, but, if it enters human body, it will eat brain.
Japan approves drug that kills flu virus in a day
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Tech billionaire, ordered to reopen public beach, appeals to supreme court | Environment
123 JessieMaxpower55 It was how fast the media jumped on this that is disturbing. The PM, Wynne, Tory all jumped on this so quickly but where is this reaction. When they`re is an attempted child abduction. This was a perfect click bait news story and the media jumped plain and simple. Very questionable story to begin with.
88 ONE-OF-THREE >The family of an 11-year-old girl who falsely claimed that her hijab was cut by an attacker in an incident last week that captured national attention has expressed their “sincere apologies to every Canadian.” >At the time, the family said they “assumed it to be true just like everyone else.” >**The full statement:** >“We are deeply sorry for the pain and anger that our family has caused in the past several days. >When our young daughter told the school that she was attacked by a stranger, the school reacted with compassion and support — as did the police. >When we arrived at the school on Friday, we were informed what happened and assumed it to be true, just like everyone else. We only went public because we were horrified that there was such a perpetrator who may try to harm someone else. >This has been a very painful experience for our family. We want to thank everyone who has shown us support at this difficult time. Again, we are deeply sorry for this and want to express our sincere apologies to every Canadian. >We look forward to closing this difficult chapter and providing support to our children.”
238 catherder9000 The family of an 11-year-old girl who falsely claimed that her hijab was cut by an attacker in an incident last week that captured national attention has expressed their “sincere apologies to every Canadian.” At the time, **the family said they “assumed it to be true just like everyone else.”** --- As I said... >I find it amazing that so many people in /r/Canada were never 11. >The most likely scenario was she accidentally cut or tore her Hijab and fearing getting in trouble with her parents she made up a story about how a bad man did it. Her parents probably accepted that as true since she had her little brother conspire with her on her little white lie to keep herself out of trouble when she got home. >But then the media got involved because her parents not only believed her but they were right to report it to the Police. You would as well if your child said a strange man cut a piece of your child's clothing at the bus stop and your other child said "yeah that's what happened." Hell, you'd be freaking the fuck out and wanting blood. >But then the truth came out... and now everyone wants to blame the parents. >The real bad culprit here? The media in Toronto that ran with this as a story and turned it into a national media story. Now those slimy fucks who call themselves journalists want to shift the blame from their own terrible excuse for their unprofessional and entirely unvetted journalism onto an 11 year old girl who told her mom a little white lie to avoid getting in trouble. **Now. Where is the apology to all of Canada from all you scumbag reporters for running with this unvetted story like it was fact?** Going so far as to ask the Prime Minister to comment on it? And then all the shitty people on /r/Canada who immediately said it was a Muslim family making the story up for fame and/or $$. Jesus Christ.
7 redditpaulnz2010 If there had been no press conference this would no have been a problem. But no harm has been done ~ just hugely embarrassing. Unless they are getting threats from people.
8 Eleglas It's like a modern version of the boy who cried wolf.
53 insipid_comment A reasonable initial reaction with a reasonable followup from the family. Hopefully the 11-year-old girl learned a lesson in all of this. What a national shitstorm she caused with her lie!
18 Dreamcatchinghobbits Good for her and the family for stepping up. Now just need the media to admit they fucked up and need to fact check before running with a hate crime story. Also would be nice if the politicians and media who were calling Canadians racists apologized instead of making excuses.
27 Aquila_Australia Called it. Ahhh... the media has a good nose for sniffing out bullshit, but no judgement that it it's bullshit.
3 0ath Oh, well as long as t was a nice apology everything is okay now.
13 TheBionicScrotum
14 newsydsyder15 I've been hearing a lot of conspiracy's, but I think the family truly believed their daughter. In the footage I had this strong gut feeling that the girl was lying (I'm not a hyper-conservative that says Muslim hate crimes are lies instantaneously). But the mother seemed genuinely distraught to me. I feel like an 11 year old lied/exaggerated and it went out of control as she tried to cover it up.
18 sansactions Why the hell is an 11 year old girl even wearing a hijab at school? Shouldn't that be outlawed?
2 ElleRisalo Now we just need the media to apologize for running to the press without waiting for the facts to present themselves.
2 ZP_NS The poor kid probably watches the news and hears all these things about negative views on islam and just wanted attention from her family probably. Oh and also don't start witch hunts based on a 11year olds story when clearly there was no actual harm to the girl. At the end of the day even if it did happen its some nutter that you report for assault but national news just for voter points fuck that