Former CIA director thinks Trump is afraid of Putin and that Russia might have leverage over president
Pope Francis tells aspiring priests to 'not be scared of tattoos' and to use them to encourage dialogue - 'With young people one should never be scared. Never. Because always, even behind the things that are not so good, there is something that will bring us to some truth'
Nearly 200 people including schoolkids 'poisoned in Moscow after chemical leak'
Denmark’s foreign minister 'sees no reason' to congratulate Putin on election win
Russian election rigging pictures show state workers casting multiple Putin votes
Nigerian village stunned as many of 110 schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist militants in February are freed - reports
Cambridge Analytica's parent company reportedly offered a $1.4 million bribe to win an election for a client.
EU proposes $6.2-billion tax on Facebook, Google and other tech giants
UN : Facebook played key role 'spreading hate-speech' in Myanmar's Rohingya Genocide
After a decade Israel admits: We bombed Syria nuclear reactor in 2007
Italy will open up more than 1,000 cultural monuments, archaeological areas and other hidden treasures which are usually inaccessible to public...list includes ornate villas, hidden gardens, historic castles, churches, museums, and other secret spots that usually keep their doors closed.
New titanium industry could grow out of oilsands waste - After several years and nearly $100 million of research, engineers say they have developed new technology to extract valuable metals from the waste produced by the oilsands in northern Alberta.
Facebook Sued by Investors Over Voter-Profile Harvesting
Boris Johnson says Moscow World Cup will be like Hitler hosting Olympics in 1936 - Pol
Facebook user sues Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, hoping for a class-action case
Alarming photos reveal devastating scale of rainforest destruction in Papua New Guinea - Impact of forest loss on communities and ecosystems revealed in series of images and footage collected by environmental campaigners Global Witness following report on illegal logging in the South Pacific nation
Cambridge Analytica was offered politicians' hacked emails, witnesses say
Facebook’s Stock Tumbles Again, Value Drops By More Than $50 Billion
Cambridge Analytica academic who mined Facebook data: I’m a ‘scapegoat’
Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.
Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report
'Neglect and Bureaucracy' - Six Months After Maria, Trump Condemned for Failed Response in Puerto Rico: "We're tired of being treated like second-class citizens."
Peru's president resigns ahead of impeachment vote, reports say.
'We made mistakes' - Facebook's Zuckerberg
Tear gas released in Kosovo parliament by opposition party in bid to stop vote
'Catastrophe' as France's bird population collapses due to pesticides
British PM May backs investigation into Cambridge Analytica data use
Donald Trump Jr. Pushed ‘Blatantly Illegal’ Project In India, Former Official Says — ‘Trump, Inc.’ Podcast
Drugs to vaccinate everyone over the age of 50 against Alzheimer’s could be available within 10 years, but would cost the UK NHS £9 billion, a new report has shown.
Exposed: Undercover secrets of Trump’s data firm - An investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed how Cambridge Analytica claims it ran ‘all’ of President Trump’s digital campaign – and may have broken election law. Executives were secretly filmed saying they leave ‘no paper trail’.
Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica’s collection of Facebook data, according to former employee
Former official accuses Donald Trump Jr. of pushing 'blatantly illegal' project in India
WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton tells his followers to delete Facebook: "It is time." Facebook acquired WhatsApp for US$19 billion in 2014
Peru's President Resigns
'They could be twins': photos appear to show Russians voting twice in election - Reporters have photographed what appears to be evidence of people voting twice in Russia’s presidential election. Vladimir Putin returned to power at the weekend with a 76.7% share of the vote.
British Foreign Secretary: Putin will use the 2018 World Cup like Hitler used the 1938 Olympics
China has confirmed plans to merge its state television and radio stations to create a new broadcaster that will be one of the largest propaganda platforms in the world.
Special Counsel studies Trump campaign ties to Cambridge Analytics, sources say
The Kremlin says U.S. President Donald Trump has called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on re-election.
Mark Zuckerberg summoned to UK parliament
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269 DashneDK2 oh man. Don't people ever take intent into consideration anymore? It was certainly not H&Ms intent to be racist. Fury and riot over a silly t-shirt. Come on.
47 DivinePrince2 Sorry, I had to laugh. They started a riot over a shirt.
81 gordonjames62 Why we can't have nice things. . . . People seem to want to stir up outrage over things that are not life threatening. There must not be enough real problems in a society if they want to destroy their own infrastructure over something so trivial. Then when the company figures out how to recover losses the insurance companies will increase fees for every business that wants insurance in that city / country. Then as businesses pay higher costs, the increased price is passed on to consumers. These same consumers will then complain that it is "racist" that they pay more than their less riot prone neighbours.
90 [deleted] [removed]
103 captain_canada123 It’s a goddam t shirt. This is because virtue signalling celebrities are inflaming everything so they can self aggrandize
74 HighFromOly Ok. As an American who's traveled abroad (spent most of 2007 in South Africa) I want to clear something up for other Americans. Monkey is a dirty word in South Africa. It's like the "N" word in the US. long used as racial slur in a country with VERY deep wounds in its history. Common American idioms will silence a room and get you a lot of stares until you explain yourself. I once described something as "monkey business", had to do a lot of explaining. Once said I had "monkeyed around" with a friend's computer, also brought a deadpan stare of disbelief. To any American, these expressions have no racial connotation. To a South African... well it's like "southern heritage" in the US. Nothing inherently racist in the words, but often said by racists, so people are going to wonder what you're about. Meanwhile, I ate at a burger place called "Bimbo's"... Look people. Different cultures are different. Histories are different, and sometimes English words mean different things in different places.
18 MyOfficialAccountNow so the saying "the coolest monkey in the jungle" is racist? and it can only refer to blacks being monkeys that live in jungles? that's ignorant as fuck. not everything is about black people.
9 hapag_lloyd These aren't "protestors", they're thuggish chancers having a bit of a riot and conveniently also diverting attention from the ANC's shenanigans.
17 [deleted] [removed]
7 lefttheovenoff They are behaving like monkeys now... Whyd they have to go prove a point instead of behaving calm and collected? It's like that episode in the Boondock Saints..
3 Ragekritz are you fucking kidding me?
8 yawnston People making an issue out of nothing, when even the mother of the kid who modeled the shirt said there is literally no substance to any of the claims, that her kid modeled thousands of clothing items and this is just one of many. Who's the monkey now...
9 ClearerWaves There's a monkey King in my culture which my people are fond of. With the right marketing team and model they could have made bank. In seriousness though, I think this is getting blown way out of proportion
31 [deleted] [removed]
10 [deleted] [removed]