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Declaring that Canada is "no land of wonders," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the United Nations on Thursday that his country was working to address failures in the treatment of its indigenous people
229 matty80 This is Giulio Regeni's mother speaking: >What torments me is the thought that, before the first blow even fell, he knew that a door had closed forever. He had all the intelligence and culture to know what was about to happen to him. She was extremely dignified throughout - far more than most people could have been - but it's that quote that sticks with me. This whole affair needs the truth, but as per this thread it probably will never get it.
183 LendarioSonhador the plot thickens...
56 caprizoom Egyptian here. Local public opinion seems to think the obvious, he got harrassed by local rogue police individuals (which happens here from time to time) and things got out of hand and somehow he ended up dead. The government's first reaponse was denial of course, until it geot to a point where admitting it is actually worse than being called liars. For us Regini's case is no different than many other Egyptians who faced the same scenario. In fact the 2011 revolution was sparked by a similar incident which happened to "Khaled Said", who was found dead with signs of torture and local authorities claimed he had chocked on a weed pack. It is not that local public opinion doesn't care about Regini, it is simply that we don't care anymore than usual just because he was a foreigner. Local law enforcement in Egypt is still suffering from a lot of corruption, and it is one of the worst things about living here. My heart goes out to his family and I hope someday they will find some closure and manage to find patience and strength to move on.
55 Rytheran Always wanted to see the pyramids, guess I will just have to settle for pictures. Hopefully their tourism takes a huge hit.
97 MoazNasr I'm sick of this country, they kidnap, torture and kill whoever they want whenever they want, and nobody cares about the injustices and crimes happening because the government is buddy-buddy with USA. I have a friend who suffered from this but thankfully didn't die, he was kidnapped at night and beaten for a day before being returned to his home at night, no food and water of course, because they thought his family had ties to the MB. They make up excuses to do as they please.
11 pupi_but FYI, OP: Giulio Regeni is not the name of the lawyer, but the name of the name of the Cambridge student who died. The lawyer's name is Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy.
7 HColossus Can't get more suspicious than that
3 Hosni__Mubarak It's weird how people in Egypt just disappear like that...
4 Krickles88 Fuck Egypt.
3 Shourdtr This needs more upvotes!!!!
3 middledeck r/titlegore
2 revret It's EGYPT What were u expecting ?